Picture of HOMEMADE TIE FIGHTER TOY!!!!!!!!!
One of the Galactic Empire's most fearsome weapons can be yours to command, and on the cheap!

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Step 1: Step 1" tools & Supplies

Picture of Step 1
Here is what you need to make a TIE fighter.

-Hot glue gun & plenty of glue sticks

-a 3/4" dowell, cut fairly short

-some tinfoil to make the cockpit

-masking tape

-two pieces of cardboard cut exactly the same in the classic hexagonal shape (use a ruler, it helps immensely)

-small dowells or craft sticks for the radial pattern

-black & gray (or silver) paint

Step 2: Center shaft & cockpit

Picture of Center shaft & cockpit
First, cut a 3/4 dowell fairly short (a bit shorter than in the pic, even),

Step 3: Foil time!

Picture of Foil time!
Next, skewer a few squares of foil 'til it's the ball-like shape we're looking for.

Step 4: Masking tape

Picture of Masking tape
Although not pictured, you should definetly use your glue gun to secure the cockpit.

Once dry, wrap in masking tape for easy painting later.

Step 5: Das Wings

Picture of Das Wings
Cut two pieces of cardboard in the hexagonal shape TIE fighters are known for.

USE A RULER. It helps.

then glue 'em to the ends of the center shaft.


Picture of CHECKPOINT!
If you followed along right, you should have something that looks like the picture.

Almost there!

Step 7: Wing details

Picture of Wing details
For extra credit, use tiny dowells or cut-up craft sticks to make the wing patterns & glue em in place.

Step 8: (Finally) Paint

Picture of (Finally) Paint
*Sigh* now you can paint the fighter.

Remember to let it dry fully before you play with it!


...And now you are done.

(Cue Imperial March).