Hey, did you know that you can make a VR headset at home? And it is not gonna cost you a thing as all you need, you can probably find around your house. It super easy to make and anyone can do it. :)

For this project you will need:

  1. Clear plastic bottle 2L preferably from pepsi.
  2. cardboard,
  3. foam,
  4. hot glue,
  5. water.

Lets get started. :)

Alternatively you can buy

Sinbury® Google Cardboard Headset 3D Virtual Reality VR Goggles for Android iPhone Ios with NFC and Head-strap

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

In order to better understand process of making VR headset, I've made a step by step video tutorial. I suggest to Watch video first. You will find video on top of the page or link bellow.


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Step 2: Cut Out Lenses

Picture of Cut Out Lenses

First thing you do, cut off all the parts of the plastic bottle you wont need. All you need for this is the top part of the bottle next to its neck. take a cork and use it to draw circles like shown in pictures and cut out 4 circles with scissors. It is important to use the bent plastic next to the neck as it is perfectly shaped for lenses.

Step 3: Make Lenses

Picture of Make Lenses

Now glue two circles together so there is an air cup between them. use hot glue and carefully glue edges around circles. Leave a little hole so you can fill your lens with water like shown in the pics. Or WATCH VIDEO. Then fill the hole with more hot glue. Make sure lens is well sealed and no water comes out, if it does, try finding the leak by submerging lens in water and see where bubbles come from. Do the same for another lense. You got two eyes and you will need two lenses.

Step 4: Make a Box

Picture of Make a Box

This step is very straight forward, you need to make a boxslightly bigger than size of your phone, and it has to be around 5cm shallow. since the distance between your smartphone and lenses should be around 5cm. Once again Watching video will help you understand process better. Then cut out rectangular hole in one side for your phones screen and two circle for your lenses. then glue lenses in place using hot glue.

Step 5: Make Soft Mask

Picture of Make Soft Mask

Right almost there, now your box should have a lid that is going to hold your phone in place, if you dont then just make one and glue it to your box. now to lock lid so it hold your phone you may use Velcro or magnets. i used two strips of magnets from an old learner plate. Now find a piece of foam and cut it so it fits your face. so basically you need to make a mask that fits you face, Nose, forehead, holes for eyes. and glue it to your now finished VR headset. Turn on some Virtual reality app on your phone or 360 video and place your phone in. You know what to do next. Enjoy your Virtual Reality experience

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FuadM4 made it! (author)2017-05-05

l made it!

FuadM4 (author)2017-02-16

why do we need water

FreePvp (author)2016-06-12

Thats so cool! I must do this

FuadM4 (author)FreePvp2017-02-16

me too

PATEL AKASH R made it! (author)2016-06-16

I have used magnifying lense it works too.

FuadM4 (author)PATEL AKASH R2017-02-16

dude wow

AnirudhG17 (author)PATEL AKASH R2016-06-29

what is the focal length of the lens?? what is its diameter ? help me out pls?

PATEL AKASH R (author)AnirudhG172016-06-29

Sorry I had not taken any measurements for it.

AnirudhG17 (author)AnirudhG172016-06-29

ok thanks anyways?

STORMWALKER95 (author)2016-12-12

Dude! that is so cool... and i thought you would have to waste money to buy the lenses, but instead you use a soda bottle... now that is smart! one question, what if you didn't have foam and just have cardboard, would that work just as well?

FreePvp (author)2016-10-11

Awesome! Can we use a iphonw?

jkrauss1 (author)2016-10-07

I would like to share your great instructions and videos with young students but unfortunately the logo on your video includes a handgun. I don't want to expose kids to that (Gun violence is a significant issue in US public schools.) Do you have videos without that logo, perhaps? Thanks. Jane

DIY ZE (author)jkrauss12016-10-07

sure I'd be honoured if you used my video for educational purposes. I guess the best solution is to download my video from YouTube and just cut out my logo. however I'd like to get full credit to your students.

ChaC4 (author)2016-08-04

is there anything i can use if i dont have foam?

Rahuls230 (author)2016-07-24

It is great, thanx for the instructable

WaterMelonBeany (author)2016-07-14

Why do we fill inside of the lens' with water

ahmedabutahoun2003 (author)2016-07-05

Actually, how can i know if the phone is holded or not? I've been wondering about that.

TheGreatCK (author)2016-06-12


Instead of wasting my money on buying it, I could make it at home!


dreens (author)2016-06-11

Dude, I can't believe you made your own lenses with water as the refractive medium bounded by cole bottle segments!! Totally baller. As someone who uses laser quality achomatic anti-reflection coated lenses at work, i never would've dreamed this could be homemade. Kudos to you.

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