Place the cake on the round cardboard centering it the best you can.  Frost the cake with the frosting and decorate it using the writing icing to make the dots around the edge of the cake.  Sprinkle with sugar crystals and Decors.  Saving room for 1 saucer,  add the thumbnails and the ninjas.  Please note:  You might want to save the layering until just a couple of hours before the party because you will need to remove all the layers to turn on the lights.   Carefully clean the LED light and dry it.  Place the round Led light  (with the lights facing the ceiling )  inside the center of the cake.  Place a small custard cup over the top of the lights.  Set aside.

Pull the paper off half way on the mini cupcakes so you can cut them in half.  Frost the top of the mini cakes and garnish the top with decorations.  

Clean the small round fun foam disc and dry them.  Place the round disc on the top of the bottom mini cake.  Place the top ( decorated half ) centered on the fun foam piece making the saucer.  Place one saucer on top of the cake.  

Turn the pedestal bowl upside down and place one of the round LED light in the center. (optional. ) Place one round LED light in the footed part of the bowl  as shown in the picture.

 Place three saucers around the middle part of the pedestal bowl.  

 Center  the top layer of the cake on top of the pedestal bowl.