Introduction: HOT ICE

Hello! Today I have for you a wonderful experiment "hot ice". This experiment can be repeated by anyone!
We need the vinegar (70%) and baking soda.

Mix 1 kilogram of vinegar, 978 grams of baking soda and 200 grams of water. We can observe how carbon dioxide is released!

A few hours later, we got the sodium acetate trihydrate.

We need melt the sodium acetate trihydrate in a pan.

We have obtained a clear liquid.

Put the solution in a bucket of cold water and cover with a lid.

Even a small crystal of sodium acetate is able to start the crystallization process in the cooled solution.



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    Чего такая кастрюля страшная? ))

    Im confused. What exactly does this do?

    I did this few years ago.

    Where could you get 70% vinegar? In my country 40% is the strongest you can get in shops, and vinegars above 30% are really rare.

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    He didn't mean 70% concentration. He just didn't explain it well. It's just regular 5% vinegar.

    That's a very impressive video. This stuff gets quite hot. Doesn't it burn your hand?

    What video I see no video and I don't see any instructions just a off I can't load cos I'm not on a device that can't open them

    there is nothing telling me how to do this.

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    Nothing? ...You mean besides the step by step instructions in the video, and the ones in the description?

    You can click the Play button on the video to watch the step by step I believe...

    Hot ice is fun to play with. For a more in depth explanation of the "how to make it" process, check out the instructable posted by C Stokenbury in December of 2011.

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    What is the link to that instructable please?

    This is the link @maint1 was referring to...

    By the way vinegar is actually good for a person to consume. My mother used to make vinegar pies for my dad. I refused to eat them. Recipes are easily found on the internet. I don't know how much acetic acid the body could handle, but that wouldn't be a good thing to experiment with.

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    Many people do eat pickles....

    I've made it a few times but it is hard to get it before it turns solid. Just combined white vinegar and baking soda as part of different experiment. (floating bubbles on CO2). Used up the baking soda until no bubbles, poured of the liquid (filtered it) and then slowly evaporated the sodium acetate to just the right concentration.

    Thank you for posting this! Maybe I'll try it when i get the time!

    already know how to make atomic bomb, went to bomb school while in the military. Easy if you can obtain appropriate nuclear material. The rest is machining, placing of low order detonation devices and timing.