Hello Guys!! Here I am back with my second Instructable. As you all know about Quick Klick Button, but here I have made a very new home made version of Quick Klick Button which costs just 0.02$ or Rs. 2 in Indian Currency.


1) Headset Jack 3.5 mm ( 4 terminal) or a old headset
2) Push Button
3) Electric Soldering Iron


As headset Jack has four terminals but we only require terminal 1 & 2 as marked in figure as the rest two terminals ( 3 & 4) are used for left and right ear.

Step 3: MAKING

Step 1- First of all we need to cut our jack from the old headset and keep the rest headset aside. Now remove all the rubber coatings and wires from the jack by using a sharp blade ( use the blade under adults observation). After removing all the wires we see that there are four points where the wires were connected earlier. Now remove the upper two points by help of pliers marked in the figure. Now you are ready with your jack to use it further.

Step 2- Now take the push button and test the pair of pins by the help of voltmeter. Break the rest terminals that are not required.


Take the Jack and push button, and join the two terminals of Jack by a pair of pin of the push button by the help of Soldering Machine.


Now you are ready with your Quick Klick Button, but before you use it you need an app which can analyze your different combinations of pushes.
For getting this Klick app you can go to the Google Play Store and search Klick on the search engine.
After installing this app connect the quick klick button from your phone at the headset slot. Thus, you will be able to control your phone by just a single click.
Thankyou for viewing this Instructable !! If you have any type of queries regarding it. You can contact me at -- grandmaster.rp@gmail.com
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<p>On the diagram one of the pins is labelled video. I do not think this is right. Microphone (audio in).</p><p>So it should read:</p><p>1) Ground</p><p>2) Mic</p><p>3) Right audio out</p><p>4) Left audio out</p>
Ya you are right it's my mistake...
hey guys hi <br>I m facing prblm in checking the points of push button .<br>can any one helpe
Line 1 and Line 2 have two end points. You can break either the above pair of points or the below pair of points of the two lines..
Gud stuff.... super like...
i do it and i hot glued around
Will this do anything with iOS

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