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The Nokia 6600 phone features new advanced imaging features, including a bright 65,536-color TFT display and camera equipped with digital zoom. These complement a built-in video recorder with audio and a RealOne Player for playback and streaming of 3GPP-compatible and RealMedia video clips. Multimedia functions are enhanced by templates for MMS messages and a Media Gallery for organizing digital content captured or downloaded with the phone. Advances in phone features include support for Java, MIDP 2.0, True Tones, themes, and personalization of clock and calendar sounds. (For more info visit www.nokia.com/6600)

These features of Nokia 6600 are indeed amazing and astounding at the time of its release (launched June 2003) that's why it became one of the bestselling cellphones in the world but with the digital explosion of the different models and units of cellphones nowadays like Apple iPhone, Samsung Omnia, Sony Erickson C900, and Nokia's E series, old cell phones like the S60 series are now just taken for granted.

What's the use of old and outdated cellphones? Can we upgrade them to compete with the new features of postmodern gadgets and devices? This intructable will answer this latter question in the affirmative. And the former question will be answered in greater detail in the following pages. It was two years ago (2006) that this idea came to my mind but I have not been able to write it due to my hectic schedule. But now I will give you a glimpse of my old multi-functional cellphone. You can see the systematic list in Step 36: Appendix A - Quick Index (at the end of this appendix, I explain concisely how to uninstall or remove mobile application from your cellphone if you don't like it).

In the midst of economic and financial difficulties, you must save your energy, money and, of course, our environment. Instead of buying different gadgets and devices like microcomputer (portable computer such as laptop or notebook computer, subnotebook, tablet PC, Pda - personal digital assistant, wizbook, etc), iPhone, camcorder, iPOD, MP3 player, PSPs, Gameboy, DVD player, scientific calculator, reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.), digital camera, flash light, organizer, etc., etc. which took so much mass, space, time, money and energy, what you need is just your old dusty cellphone (Nokia 6600) from your cabinet. Clean it up and simply follow the step-by-step instructions below and you will see the great difference it could make to your life and lifestyle. Don't forget to read the Step 37: Appendix B - "The M.O.N.E.Y. Principle: How to Achieve Financial Success in the Midst of Global Economic Meltdown."

Please be careful in the installation of application programs. By reading this instructable you agree that you are responsible for your own actions. I will not be held accountable for any loss or damage to you or to your cellphone and electronic devices.

No hardware change is needed in this conversion. Only the memory card will be replaced. All conversions will be done through installation of different applications that will enhance your old cellphone. You can also apply the same procedures to other models of cellphone but you must use compatible mobile applications in the form of upgraded versions.

I will let you to enter into the world of my Nokia 6600. Here are just some of the application programs that can be found in my old cellphone. I have installed most of these applications two years ago. These applications can be found only in my 512 MB MMC and I still have hundreds of applications in my other two MMCs (64 MB and 1 GB) which will not be shown and displayed in this instructable due to lack of time on my part. In fact, I will not be able to discuss all the applications which you can see in the following pages. It would take more than five hundred pages to explain all these applications.

If you want to see the installed applications in my old cellphone. Watch this video:

Note: if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the video may not be displayed and the picture maybe a little bit disordered with the text, use Mozilla Firefox instead.

Periander "the Seventh Sage" Esplana


Step 1: Devices and Application Programs

You will need the following devices and applications:
- Nokia 6600 (or any S60 series cell phones if and only if they are compatible)
- Memory Card (MMC 512 MB or 1 GB)
- USB Card reader/writer

Application Programs
You can buy the following programs from their providers or websites listed below. Some of them are free. Visit www.getjar.com/software/Nokia/6600. You can also buy the full version or download the trial version from www.handango.com or from other websites which offer applications for Nokia 6600 and other S60 series cell phones.

FExplorer v1.17 (www.gosymbian.com), Zipman v2.50 (www.wildpalm.co.uk),
Y-Browser v0.75 (www.pushl.com/y_browser/), System Explorer v1.8, WOWScreens v1.51 (http://mobile.reallusion.com), WOWVideo v1.0 (http://mobile.reallusion.com), Mobile Anti-Thief Advanced Device Locks v1.0 (www.webgate.bg) ZPlus v1.0 (www.mobilesalad.com) Time Machine 1.6.1, DesktOper, Camcorder v2.0.2, Philips Camcorder Pro v3.7.5, NoviiRemote v2.1 (www.novii.com), Remote S60 Pro v2.68.140905, PowerMP3 v1.01, OggPlay v1.69 (http://symbianoggplay.sourceforge.net), WMAPlus 1.2.0 (Filamoon@hotmail.com),
MoreMedia v1.00, AACPlayer 1.11 (www.viking.tm), Ultimate Voice Recorder v2.3.5 (www.ultimateportable.com), PowerDictaphone v1.03 (www.symbianware.com),
Surprise! Sounder (www.redlynx.com), Karaoke Gum v0.9 (www.karapuzzz.com),
MP3 Player v3.60 (www.viking.tm), Talks v2.51.4 (www.nuance.com),
FaceWave v4.3 (www.facewave.com), Quickoffice v2.3.6.0 (www.quickoffice.com),
Maxinote v1.15 (www.mobystar.com), QuickWrite v2.00 (www.mobi-systems.com), Papyrus v1.2, Econometer, MobiSystems Diets v2.0 (www.mobi-systems.com), HealthCalc (www.L3solutions.com), BugMe! Series 60 1.03, DVDPlayer 1.11 (www.vikinggames.hu), pvPlayer v03.04.00.253, Mobile Theater v1.1.0 (www.mbounce.com), SmartMovie v3.25 (www.lonelycatgames.com), DivX Player 0.88 (www.DivX.com), MSDict Viewer v.3.01 - Pocket Oxford English Dictionary 9e, Concise Medical Dictionary 6e, Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, Dictionary of Business, Dictionary of English Phrases, Dictionary of Irregular Verbs, Dictionary of Acronyms, Dictionary of Synonyms (www.mobi-systems.com), Human Anatomy (www.soundtells.com), Resistor v1.0 (www.s60mobile.com), PlanetFinder v1.31,
Element Dictionary (www.satat.tk), The Big English Encyclopedia from MobileReference v7.2 (http://www.mobilereference.com), WikiEncyclopedia (http://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/schools-wikipedia-small.zip), SoundMonitor v1.0.1 (www.digia.com), PhotoSpy! (www.softwareformobiles.com), ImageSpy v2.05
LieSpy (www.eviendo.com), PhotoRite v5.3.0 (www.zensis.com), Surprise! Lenses (www.redlynx.com), PanoMan v1.0.0 OS7 (www.bit-side.com), Camera Magica (info@fotoquelle.de), PhotoCard v1.10 (www.wildpalm.co.uk), PhotoFix v1.00 (www.wildpalm.co.uk), CameraFX, PhotoAcute (www.photoacute.com), FunCam
Superimpose v1.6.0, Surprise! Disco (www.redlynx.com), Hairstyle Mobile 1.0 (www.softomobile.com), Screenshots v1.0 (www.rock-your-mobile.com), ScreenSnap (www.SmartphoneWare.com), Yellow PhotoSMS v1.64 (www.yellowcomputing.de)
AniViewer v2.0 (www.iki.fi/jari.j.laaksonen), Opera 8.50 (www.opera.com), Netfront v3.3.21 (www.access-netfront.com), Pdf+ v1.65 (8) mBrain Software, eBookMaker v1.0 (www.SymbianWare.com), MobiReader (www.mobipocket.com), Handy Book v1.0 (www.epocware.com), iSilo v4.32 (www.iSilo.com), Metal Bluster Episode I for S60 v1.3, Chessmaster v1.0.4 (www.gameloft.com), Doom (www.wildpalm.co.uk), KingKong v1.0.4 (www.gameloft.com), Might and Magic v1.0.1 (www.gameloft.com),
Rainbow Six Lockdown v1.0.7 (www.gameloft.com), NiceCalc v1.0.1 (http://very-soft.com), Scientific Graphical Calculator v1.0 (www.k-software.com), Powerful Unit Converter v1.1, KJV Go Bible (www.jolon.org), Tagalog Go Bible (http://go-bible.org)
Mobile First Aid v1.0, Smart Vision, HeightCam v1.0, Anti-Mosquito, (www.mobilepow.com), WorldMate SE 1.21 (www.MobiMate.com), Speereo Voice Translator v1.2.0 (http://www.speereo.com), Stacker 3.00 (www.symbianware.com), Phyton (www.phyton.org), ColorPicker, GuitarTuner v1.1 (http://symbian.flyerone.com), Call Cost Saver (info@wireless1.ph), Heresy Composer v1.21 (www.wildpalm.co.uk), ConcertA Chromatic Tone Generator v1.0 (www.handango.com), InTune Musical Instrument Tuner v1.0 (www.handango.com),
Chordile v1.0 (www.karsten-breit.de), Dr.Color, Syntrax, Photo Express M-Style for 6600 (www.ulead.com), VideoStudio M-Style (www.ulead.com), Setting Wizard v2.2.9 (www.nokia.com), Nokia Wireless Presenter (www.nokia.com), Print@Kodak v2.3.3 (www.kodak.com)
is it really OK to insert a 1gb memory card in a Nokia 6600?<br /> will the phone work?<br /> it is because before i thought that 512mb memory is the highest memory capable in a Nokia 6600 cellphone...<br /> <br /> thanks :)<br />
1 GB works fine in my Nokia 6600 with different installed programs.<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
now my nokia 6600 is unable to be used due to a bug i think.<br /> huhuhu..<br /> i can't use it anymore and a new one costs very expensive.<br /> <br /> juz droppping by...<br /> <br /> huhu..<br />
<p>Buy a PopPort cable and flash the firmware......... at least if you still have that phone......... </p>
my brother told me that he tried to use a 1gb memory card and it started to hang. was that possible?<br /> <br /> thanks for the reply^^<br />
What is the difference between&nbsp;mmc and sd...?
<p>SD = Faster </p>
Is there a way I could do this on a Samsung T301g? Nice instructable by the way!
nice cracking book lmao have you got the green book for pc's?<br>
what about the virus!!
For some of the programs aforementioned, there are also Palm OS counterparts.
My super computer: iPod touch
Especially the 4th generation
&nbsp;can you archieve these programs and upload to rapid share please and please give the link
Some of these programs are freely available, but many aren't. If the author shared non-free software, it could bring serious harm to him.<br>So I guess he could, but he won't, and I can't blame him for this.<br>If you really want to avoid paying for anything, try googling for free versions or some other free software that does just that.
Hi theseventhsage real hard work,<br><br>Just wanted to share one can install Flashlite 2.0<br> and play flash games directly(no need to install), <br>also have an Windows XP like interface, and even Vista is available..<br><br>Good job
will see!
A supergadget Microcomputer! Or: How to put free apps on a phone.
.................elow po, sir...... muztah nah........<br/>di pa rin natitinag ahhhhh........... hehe<sub> galing! astig!!!!</sub><br/>
What do you say?<br />
Try to read my new instructable on "restoring folder options in the control panel." In the near future, I will write new instructable on artificial intelligence...
You can ask Wolfram|Alpha pretty much anything. you can access it on <a href="http://www.wolframalpha.com" rel="nofollow">www.wolframalpha.com </a>or you may access on yor mobile web browser at m.wolframalpha.com . So far it will replace...uh...about 15 apps and it does:<br /> * Math (elementary/advanced)<br /> * Converter (from anything to anything else)<br /> * Sky chart<br /> * Weather<br /> * Locates where you are (uses GeoIP)<br /> * Genome sequence lookup<br /> * Historical events<br /> * and many more...<br /> Note that it is <strong>not</strong> an offline app!<br /> If you consider it useful, RSVP.<br />
If you install more apps (say 20), ot will eat up your memory<br />
All the apps listed in this instructables are all installed in my N6600.&nbsp; Useful and amazing!!! <br />
You're just installing apps only to suite your needs.<br />
that's the point, we have to install apps to suit our needs, and let me add, wants...<br />
&nbsp;does the 6600 slide work? and does it have infrared?
is the MMC an SD card?
Erm no, they are very similar in shape and mmc will work in some sd things but not the other way around, sd will not fit into the mmc slot.<br /> <br /> maybe an sd could be stripped of its casing and soldered into place or you could make up a sd to mmc cable, or modify the slot. I have no idea if what I have said will work but in theory it should.<br /> <br /> &quot;If I did not touch it I did not break it, what other people do with their own hands is their responsibility&quot;<br />
EXCELLENT!!!<br /> how do I get one? a phone?<br /> and does it work with a SIM card/ no service? <br /> sjoobbani@gmail.com&nbsp;
oggplay v1.69 does not work on my Nokia 6600?<br /> how come?<br /> may i know why?<br /> ^^<br />
oggplay v1.69 works well in my old cp.&nbsp; the explanation for you maybe found in the words &quot;unstable build&quot; which you can see as you open the oggplay.<br />
This is amazing, I cant even comprehend how awesome this instructable is. Great Job! 5 Stars!
Thanks for the 5 stars!
it's a simple smartphone from the s60 series, my first was 3650. And yes you can install a lot of programs (.sis applications actually) on it but why are there people that say you are a great inventor? :) 6600 is old but it's cheap, now there are s60 series phones with os 9 like N73, N82, 6120, 6124, and so on that are way better. Frankly I'm surprised, this Instructable is not that old and people find it amazing, smartphones date since 2003 if I remember correctly.
www.symbian-freak.com featured my instructable and talk about it in their forum, and suprise, they are all expert in cell phones. They greatly appreciated my instructable. How about you? What do you know? Any? Share it with us via instructable. Make your own instructable buddy because you have not yet made anything. Post it and I'll comment on it.
Is there anyway that this might work for a Nokia 3560?
Can you use a modern cell phone like the RANT
Could you add skype, and wifi to this to make it a phone as well?
This is already a real cellphone, old cellphone to be sure, but you can text, call and internet (via GPRS) just by using it like any other cellphone. I have just enhanced its features by transcending its default capability and simulate the programs (java and symbian) of advanced cellphones thus rendering it a supergadget-microcomputer.
WOW!!! I love the instructable and the MONEY principle too! I will try to locate one of these and try - very cool. Think I will print up the principle too, good to keep these things at the top of the to-do list. Thanks for doing such a good job!
Thanks for appreciating my instructable.
nice sir! awesome invention! hope you can do more! God bless...
Do you need a sim card for all of this to work? Lets say i bought a phone off of ebay, would i need a plan / contract from tmobile to do all of this? btw great instructable
Can I buy this from you with all this on it?
Nice! a genius idea....
Thanks and God bless.
Where can you get one of these cellphones for cheap?
there were some programs that you did not list the websites. could you list them
I suggest to download my instructable in pdf to get all the steps including the comments.

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