(HOW TO?) EASY CNC With Arduino and Servos (X,Y Axes) HOW TO Coming Soon





Introduction: (HOW TO?) EASY CNC With Arduino and Servos (X,Y Axes) HOW TO Coming Soon

30 likes = TUTORIAL!

Step 1: 30 Likes = TUTORIAL!

I will post the how to here and on YouTube so make sure to follow me in both to be the first to do it!

Step 2: NEXT STEP!!

turning my cnc to THIS!



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    Thank you guys for the 30 likes!!!

    I have took a lot of photos, and the how to will come out in the next week

    in sha allah! Stay tuned

    Thanks for commenting!

    I have looked everywhere for something simple and affordable just as a test but couldn't find one i have looked at the video before i started this but he didnt supply the code and much of what he has i dont have, Soon i will buy a stepper motor and hopefully look for a way to make the body myself!

    Thanks for your link I'll have a look at it and maybe I'll find something I can do


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    Most of them had the GRBL shield which costs a lot, hard to program and can be easily damaged if the two power sources are switched!

    I like the fact that you use copper pipes as the linear rails! how accurate are they going forwards and backwards, do they wobble sideways at all?

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    I don't think they will wobble a lot, but excuse me I didn't make this YET, I'm planning to turn my CNC into one! But thanks for commenting anyways!

    I'm trying to build a cnc at the moment but cost is a massive issue. when you do make it I would love to see how it goes because your machine looks pretty affordable!

    Yes it is affordable! the only issue i have is how to get a program like "universal Gcode sender" or "chilipeppr" to communicate with arduino and send the signals to the stepper! until now the code is simple which tells the servos to move the one way then wait till the other servo moves as well then reveres the direction, the structure itself is hard since I dont have a way of connecting the rails to the stepper and making it move, because Im having difficulties with online shopping! but I will soon get over that and make my dreams come true!

    Sorry for making you read the whole thing ;)