I checked it out @ Techshop

Quick answer: RED and BLACK

Step 1: First, You Will Need to Find an Used USB Cable, a Multimeter and a X-acto Blade.

(You can't see but the red and black wires are already peeled, may be someone tried before me to extract power from this cable)

Step 2: Then You Need to Peel the Wires

Step 3: Connect Your USB Cable to a Computer

Step 4: With the Multimeter Start to Hunt for Which Pair of Wires Measures Around 5V.

Step 5: It Is ... the BLACK and RED Pair

Step 6: Now Go Find a USB Female Port

Step 7: Cannibalize the Circuit

Step 8: Take Out the Plug

Fit the female plug into your power source

(the USB cable has 4 wires, and in this case the 2 outside wires were the power ones)

Step 9: Weld and Isolate Everything Together

Step 10: And Done :) This Was Done at Techshop

<p>what we can do with the remaining wire the white and the blue wire</p>
<p>That are DATA+ and DATA- wire... Simply nothing. Only if you know what are you doing.</p>
Good idea! Thank you for the information.

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