Take your yarn and tie it to thumb.Then put the yarn between your fore finger and middle finger.Next you weave the yarn inbetween all your fingers twice. It should look like the picture
wildfirev1 year ago

Are you sure this isn't finger knitting?

I made a finger weaving that's 72.5 ft. Or 22 metres. Here's my video:
I am very interested in this technique. Could you show more steps of the finger weaving and another view of the finished chord. You have my interest!
132614 years ago
that's awesome and everything, but what can you make from it????????

jumpertoad5 years ago
i have a LOT of yarn - i will make a sash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
idogis16 years ago
God, I haven't done this since I was a kid. I think I'm going to run out and get some yarn so I can do this.
shadon6 years ago
it is awesome
snaz6 years ago
That looks really sweet! ill have to try it sometime.