Put back the zipper pull. It may take a little bit of time...
<p>I have a fully intact zipper minus the slider. Anyone know where I can get new sliders? I may just canibalize an old pair of pants.</p>
Hello, you can found them online if you tape in zipper replacement parts, or something like that...
Wow thank you so much I made it...I was trying and trying with no result and suddenly I thought to goole it..and the solution for my problem was just here
I have a zipper problem on my bag. The slider is still attached to one side of the track, but I can't get it back on to both. Would this method work? (It's a rather pricey bag and I'd prefer to not ruin it)
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<p>Works. I always try to fix it this way. </p>
<p>thanks a lot!</p>
<p>You are welcome!</p>
<p>Wow. I didn't take the slider off and I couldn't see much distortion. I just squeezed both sides with the needle nose pliers and my jacket was fixed. Thank you very much, both the original post with the great photos, and the helpful comments much appreciated.</p>
<p>You are welcome!</p>
<p>i wish i had seen this along time ago...thank you </p>
<p>You are welcome! Anyways&hellip;&quot;meglio tardi che mai&quot; we say in italian (better late than never)!</p>
Just fixed my old surfboard cover. This is the kind of thinking humanity and the earth needs. Awesome. You have saved hundreds if not thousands of items of clothes, sleeping bags, tents, surfboard covers, motorcycle boots, wetsuits and all manner of things from going to landfill - and that is reducing consumption of new items, thus reducing pollution, water use and carbon emmissions from producing new items. Good job.
<p>My zipper only separates a bit ways up the zipper. Pliers don't seem to work. Help!</p>
<p>You can buy a new one, that open and close, online, for kinda cheap...</p>
Thank you soooo much!! I was about to go spend $55-$75 at a shoe repair shop which in Arizona seems to be the only place that can replace leather jacket zippers.
<p>Fantastic! worked great thanks so much</p>
<p>Thank you. It worked like a charm and now the sleeping bag is happily curled up in its home.</p>
Its just brilliant and excellent<br>
<p>Thank you, saved a jacket with a broken pull with one from an old bag zip. easily to follow guide saved a good bit of money too.</p>
<p>That's cool! I'm so happy I saved many clothes now!</p>
<p>If this gets the mummy bag I just found discarded outside a laundromat last night fixed I'm going to find a way to buy you a drink. I don't just camp in sleeping bags, I live in them.</p>
<p>Thank you thank you thank you!! So simple! I didn't even have to take off the teeth--I signed up here just to appreciate you!!! </p>
<p>Done, on a school bag. Thanks so much!</p>
<p>I'll have to try this on my biker jacket~ Thanks</p>
<p>Yes this really works Thanks for the idea</p>
<p>OMG, this really works. Based on one of the commnets - I didn't even take the zipper slide off - as it was a tent door zipper. I just squeezed the slide together and it works! Bravo for posting this. </p>
<p>Worked perfect on my old riding jacket! I'm so glad I can wear it again!!!</p>
<p>Awesome! The pictures really make this 'able. We didn't even need to remove the slider -- we just used pliers to reshape it and viola! Zipper success. Love that idea of removing just a tooth making this a no-sew approach.</p><p>Thanks for this and congrats on the 1st place win.</p>
<p>It takes a lot to impress me but I have to say...</p><p>I'M IMPRESSED!</p><p>Well done and thankyou for sharing.</p>
Wow fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this trick! I fixed a broken jacket after it sat for years in a closet, and your instructions are fabulous. <br><br>For others: When I removed the pull, nothing looked wrong or uneven. But since I had nothing to lose, I compressed both sides really well with pliers, reducing the gap that was there. It worked! We've zipped and unzipped 3-4 times and no more problem. <br><br>I will have to find a replacement for the tooth, though, because even though the pull is metal the little tooth was made of plastic. For now we know just not to zip all the way closed. THANK YOU!
<p>instead of replacing the metal tooth with another metal tooth, just use a needle and a length of cotton and sew in and out around the edge, placing one stitch right on top of the other. this creates a barrier so the zip won't come off. this method can also be used when you need to shorten a zipper...cut off the excess at the bottom and stitch around and around to create a thick stitch to prevent the zipper pull from moving past that point.</p>
<p>You are welcome! I'm happy it was useful!</p><p>If you don't have a replacement tooth you can instead sew to the jacket many little loop until you make a little ball, where the tooth was supposed to be. </p><p>Or may be use that tiny tooth that keep the tip of the socks together when you just buy them...</p>
This works sweet Thanks. I've tried loads of other tutorials used soap, pencil, gripped the zipper with plyers non worked. This worked really well followed the instructions and Zzzzziiiiippppp! It zipped straight up :)
<p>very good post save money and less garbage thanks</p>
good post and photos
I will have to look back on this when I have a zipper to fix. Looks good!
IT works. Good instructions.
It is very obvious. <br>The photo of fixing the zipper pull with the pliers is very good.
Great instructable! <br>Been having zipper issues recently with the kids clothing, now I know how to fix them. <br> <br>Regards, Martin.
Thanks! I m really happy people are writing me that!!
fabulous and useful - brilliant - thank you!
You are welcome!
Great way to fix old clothes and sleepingbags :-) ... i have been doing it like that for many years... an additional tip is to spray the whole zipper with silicone oil... it is absolutely amazing how much better it works afterwards ! :-)
Thanks, I should try. <br> For sleeping bags and tents zipper is really useful because the zipper is too long to be changed!
even if it's no prob to loose some teeth at the lower end of the Zipper, just crank 2-3 of them out with the pliers, tear the puller down and off, insert another fitting puller (could be a bit difficult) and zip it upwards. The space caused by the lost teeth had to be replaced by a few stitches of sewing wire?! ;) (Sorry, i'm German and Google could not translate &quot;N&auml;hgarn&quot; :D )
You just made my day, days, years! I've got this old leather jacket that I loved for years, Due to bad financial situation I wasn't able to let it repair, just jused some pliers to repairer it, it worked! THANKS!!!! (Sorry for bad enlisch.).

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