Most television is broken. In this instructable, you'll learn how to fix your TV with everyday household materials.


To fix your TV, you will need the following:
  • A functioning television set, large or small, old or new, cable or antenna or satellite.
  • A thin, translucent medium such as wax paper, available from any grocery store.
  • One to four lightweight rods such as a coat-hanger, depending on the structure of your TV's housing and any furniture it might be in.
  • A non-sticking tie or fastener such as wire ties, hair ties, hook-and-loop strap (Velcro), gaffer's tape, zip-ties, etc.
  • Something to cut with, such as a pair of scissors.

In this instructable, we will fix TV with wax paper, a coat hanger, a pair of scissors and wire ties.
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spylock1 year ago
We have a be nice comment policy,so I wont say anything about the waste of my time except you did a really good job at doing it,well done,great job!!
hi justin can you fix my tv?
can you fix my tv please?
SharpyWarpy4 years ago
I don't get it. But then I always have trouble with things that are simple.
across4 years ago
Does anyone know how to fix the vision on the TV? As our's keeps sticking and blurring and that. We've tried unpluging the TV then plugging it back in but it still won't work...?
0boolean14 years ago
this is perfect.
You could take advantage of waxed paper as a decorative medium. For example, in the fall, you could iron colorful leaves between some of the sheets, or cut out a turkey silhouette and iron it in place for Thanksgiving.
 Absolutely amazing!!  I'm going to do that, and I think it will be the best thing that I have done for my life in months!!!!!!!!
munchman6 years ago
Alternate Title: What to do when you are not watching (insert name of favourite crime/medical drama here)

froggyman6 years ago
i think i just felt my IQ fall...
This is really funny! lol I thought I was about to get smarter...
one thing W.T.F.
NIR_Brail6 years ago
how is this 'fixing' your tv? This should be titled 'making a light show' or something of the such. There's no actual 'fix' for anything, I mean, come on man.
Not everyone has the same sense of humor, but I thought it was funny. TV is a brainwasher and that's his point.
was that the point...ahh...um....ok then...hmm. I musta missed that part where it was trying to be a joke instructable then. Look, i don't mean to be sarcastic, didn't mean to come across that way in my comment, but when i saw the title i expected something of value not "another way to make a radio".
you were watching bones when you took the picture haha (its a good show) and this is a pretty nice project
iisanother8 years ago
this is a great project, but you really need to give credit where due - it is based on an installation piece by Brian Eno called "Paintings and Sculptures," viewable
at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKRd9tb1yBQ
plasticpool (author)  iisanother8 years ago
You're right -- it isn’t original. Lots of people have covered televisions with translucent stuff to make them into light boxes: Brian Eno to name just one. Thanks for the link! I've always wanted to see that. :-) Someone else sells a thing you can hang on your screen that divides the screen up into little boxes like pixels — I can’t remember the name. I decided to do it on the cheap so that other people could do it as well.

The original was called "channel one". I can't remember the artist's name though, maybe Nancy Frank.
Razboz foobear8 years ago
The Graffiti Research Lab did something very similar to TVs in the NYC streets i think.
they laser cut out Lexan sheets and taped them to all the ads to show how they didn't like them.
Razboz foobear8 years ago
The Graffiti Research Lab did something very similar to TVs in the NYC streets i think.
ottist357 years ago
Some people just don't get it no matter how you explain it. This is an art piece; clever, funny and bordering on poetic. Come on people stop being so literal. Tv= Bad Beautiful,ingenious lamp= Good!

And for the language critics: Grow up! you probably wish you could speak another language half as well as this person. Obviously he is not a native English speaker yet he cares to share something funny with us. Your loss.
nature2237 years ago
whoo boy...there's a few minutes I'll never get back, dude next time.....PLEASE post it as an artsy kinda thing,I thought this was a repair section entry
mrmath8 years ago
Good instructable from the purly step by step with photos point of view. Bad instructable from the what the hell point of view.
You know... fix your TV... just like you'd fix a cat or a dog ;)
fix a cat? oh I get it "honey were is the cat?" "In the lab" "the lab?" "I hope its not the....." "c,mon you are getting you're bladder removed!!" "crash boom" "damit you little....." " I DID IT I MADE A URINE LESS CAT" "holy crap!" "doint you know the kidneys are needed?"
lemonie8 years ago
The first line of step one requires "A functioning television" How is anyone to 'fix' a functioning television? I think I failed to understand this one...
i think it means that the tv itself works, just the screen is broken. like when the monitor is unplugged on a computer
although upon reading the project, ithink it was sarcasm
LasVegas8 years ago
Wouldn't it be easier to wrap the wax paper around your head? Then the whole world's "fixed."
or the opposite...go on a fixing rampage and tape waxpaper to everyliving thing in a 3 mile radius
If you're lucky enough to require glasses, just cover them with fingerprints. No wax paper required. If you're really lucky, like me, and need Coke-bottle glasses, just take them off and everything more than 6" away is fixed.
cute... kill t.v.
davidlaska8 years ago
TV is supposed to be bad. You are shown all the bad stuff, what environments are likely to get you raped, robbed, conned and/or killed. All we do is relax in a safe place on a couch. With a little common sense, we can tell what is real and that is experience without all the work. Good TV is like watching the evening "Good News" (No news is good news)
UglyRedBag8 years ago
I'm glad you look satisfied. Possibly next time use diferent color paper. Reds for that western you hated. Or cut out holes in black paper cover the holes with wax paper... paterns on your walls.
fegundez18 years ago
tv is the creator of lameness...that is why we have instructables,use the brain for entertainment!do stuff!
ummcoty8 years ago
great stuff. i kno i need to do more instead of watching as much tv. i think ill start working on some projects that keep putting off right now. thanks
Jonst8 years ago
I think this project is great, but I would also suggest some expert help, there are some great tech support site. Here is a page for TV Tech Support
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