Last weekend during the MakerFaire2014 me and ArcAttack did something ELECTRIFYING, we created a wearable faraday cage dress! Hereby our process on how a collaboration like this got started! Enjoy. Muhahaha.


First started by making a drawing of the ideal look (hard because it was a first time explicitly working with full metal as material) due to the hardness of the material I needed to be creative creating a structure that would be flexible and wearable.

Through 123D, we used Autodesk’s Maya to draw panels on top of the scan of the model using Quad Draw. An image plane with the artwork/concept was used for reference in the front view.From there we used 123D Make (app) to layout the 3D panels from Maya into flat into a 2D sheet. We managed to make any design changes, such as slight offsets for the panels for spacing, in AutoCAD. Due to the use of this software, the base dress only took one few days to complete from design to cutted piece, since a lot could be solved in software. Finally we had a 2D layout of all 94 panels, which we cut out of a sheet of metal using the waterjet at the machineshop of Pier 9. Martin, who is in charge of the Omax 60120 at the Autodesk workshop at Pier 9, was a great help here helping me out in getting everything setup and ready to go (these machine's can be hard to handle).

Constructing the whole dress together with rings (over 600 rings) I think this process took the longest of all - we mainly did this in the ArcAttack workshop in Austin / Texas with the whole team while having a chat about how cool the end result would be (motivational talks - very important).

Creation of rings by pulling wire over a wooden stick and cutting them off with a powerful cutting tool.

Don't wear this dress to a bar, as sitting was impossible with the metal plates.

<p>Crazy, beautifully done!</p>
<p>I was wondering if you used a grounding wire anwhere in your build? </p>
<p>You are an awesome artist and inventor!</p>
<p>W.O.W This is electrically cool :)</p>
<p>I was at this show and ...wow. </p><p>Impressive work guys and the music was spot on as well!</p>
<p>A lot of inventive brainpower utilized. To me instructables of this type are not what I will even consider trying but still highly value for the thinking it may generate for other projects. Whomever said it</p><p>&quot;An invention is something whose time has come&quot; hit it right on. </p><p>Where could this lead?</p><p>Tesla's genius, wasted for the most part by industry and government of his time.</p><p>Probably would generate the same reaction today..</p>
<p>This was a cool 'ible. Not hugely useful, but cool as hell. All I can think of right now is what Lee Trevino (pro golfer who has survived three lightning strikes) said about lightning. &quot;It's God's way of saying he's playing through.&quot; You do not mess with this stuff.</p>
<p>as long as there is a path of low resistance to ground nearby the person it should be okay... but it really doesn't take much to get shocked once. potentially throwing yourself into cardiac arrest should be a good enough reason to not attempt using this suit. </p>
<p>I think I'm either falling in love or getting scared.</p>
Victor fr obtainium works totally loves this. You rock sunshine.
<p>Instructables doesn't let you edit a comment, so I deleted my original.</p><p>This is a cool project, but it seems like this Instructable is too high-level for a reader to replicate the project. The 'ible is an entertaining read, but it's not really a how-to guide. </p><p>Do you plan on adding more nuts-and-bolts detail to allow other DIY'ers to follow in your footsteps?</p><p>I bring this up because the I want to learn from your techniques! I would love to learn the tricks you developed in the process, like how to turn 3D panels into a 2D layout, or how to programmatically size panels down to allow some flexure, or how to build up a headpiece onto a helmet. I'm sure other readers do too. It's why we're here.</p><p>Maybe I'm being too demanding here, but this just needs more substance to feel like a set of how-to instructions.</p><p>Original comment:</p><p>I don't like Instructables like this... there's nowhere near enough information to build my own. <br><br>How do you slice a dress model into laser-cuttable squares with Maya? Where do I source plasma balls? Where are dimensional drawings? How do I connect the parts to the undergarment?<br><br>This Instructable isn't designed to be replicated, it's saying how cool you are. It's a nice project, but this is not an Instructable.</p>
<p>Wonderful costume and lightning act! Please show off your costume during my science class :-)</p><p>Y.</p>
<p>great looks! fyi Nikola Tesla already invented this wireless electricity but shutted down by gov. hope u could continue his projects. Godspeed!</p>
<p>Part of the reason Nikola Tesla's idea was rejected was because it required too much power to transmit over long distances. The idea was great idea, the technology just didn't' exist to sustain it. Also it scared people.</p>
<p>wow! so cool. you need to make one for fat guys now! lol</p>
<p>NICE! this proyecto it's so ... :)</p>
<p>Glad you survived to do more awesome stuff like this ;)<br>Although I have to agree to zackfreedmans&acute; comment to a certain degree.</p>
<p>I saw the show at Makers Fair, it was awesome!</p>
<p>first part of video invaders must die!!!!</p>
<p>Well, if that's not EPIC, I don't know what is! Pure unadulterated awesomeness!</p>
highly useless but freaking cool, i love this :))
this so cool
<p>Erg goed gedaan. Voor mij toch een beetje te gevaarlijk.</p>
<p>Wow, this turned out incredibly well!</p>
<p>This is amazing! I loved seeing this whole outfit come together and see it in action!</p>
<p>This is brilliant work! </p><p>I love how you go from the drawing to the 3d model to the flat pieces. im excited to try at least this part for my next garment design.</p>

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