This a step by step guide how to kite jump i will give you a few different technique.
please read through and injoy


First of all i am pretty sure u need a kite lol. i say a foil kite or a kiteboarding kite any size from 2.5meters to 18meters. You also need a good open place for you to learn (200meters)
it can be a big field or even a beach i usally use a small beach but (I DO NOT RECOMMEND) beacuse it can be dangerous as it is small and theres water you could miss a landing and land in the sea (NOT GOOD) so please learn on a big open field.
<p>warning: small kites in strong winds are dangerous to jump with. The small kites will generally let you fall like a sack of stones. Way safer and more fun to use a full depowerable kite above 12mt2 in size, in light to moderate winds. Do NOT use fixed bridle kites to jump with as they do not allow for quick depower and have poor safety systems. Good kites are Flysurfer, Ozone Chrono, Cabrinha Switchblades.</p>
Super simple instructable! great job!
Did you just copy and paste this? Cause these paragraphs have much better grammar and use full sentences. Also, they don't use caps lock like the rest of this.
"Copyright © Hi Fly Kites" It is copyrighted.
why not just post a link to their superior guide rather than spending a ton of time making a less informative copied guide
Would you mind going the extra mile and finding out what the originators require you to do to post their work? They probably want you to give them credit rather than you taking credit for their work.
yes this was copied. but I would like to share with others and first of all there was no copy right so it was legal if you do not like me doing so I will even ask for permission and might even take of cheers willhere
Would you like to admit that most/all of this was copied from elsewhere, like here:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hiflykites.co.za/free-kite-guides/kite-flying-manual/power-kite-jumping.htm">http://www.hiflykites.co.za/free-kite-guides/kite-flying-manual/power-kite-jumping.htm</a><br/>?<br/><br/>L<br/>

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