Are your floors in need of a good scrub? Does the smell of your bathroom leave you gasping for air? Are you in need of perhaps the best mop ever made? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need "The Best Mop In The World".

In the shops they sell those Vileda mops. In my opinion they are just tissue on a stick, plus they wear out in no time at all. With this mop, it will last forever, and can be made with thing to be found around the house. But enough talk, let's begin.

Step 1: What You'll Need to Make the Mop

a) an old bath towel (make sure you don't cut up your Mum's best linen)

b) a pair of scissors (sharp ones are best)

c) four cable ties

d) an old broom stick (metal is shown, but wooden ones work better)

Step 2: Cutting the Towel

a) Lay out your towel on the ground.

b) Take your scissors, and cut off the hems of the towel (put them to one side, you will need them later).

c) Take the towel and cut it down the middle.

d) Take each half and cut them into strips as shown.

Step 3: Attaching the Mop Head to the Mop Stick

a) Lay the strips of towel slightly overlapping each other.

b) Lay the end of the mop stick on top of the overlapping strips as shown.

c) Roll up the mop stick in the strips of towel and tie them off really tightly using one of the cable ties (make sure it is tight).

Step 4: Putting the Finishing Touches to Your Mop

a) Now that the strips are tightly secured, flip over the mop so that the strips are hanging down.

b) Take the other cable tie, and tie it around the reverse of the other cable tie.

c) Snip off the end of the cable tie, before taking the hem and covering up the cable tie.

d) Hold the mop up the right way and give it a good shake.

Step 5: Get Ready to Mop

Now, find a sexy man with two strong hands and get him to mop the place for you.

This durable mop should last at least five times as long as any of those crap mops you buy in the supermarket, and you'll be enjoying a clean house just as long!

Step 6: AFTERTHOUGHTS: Mods to Make the Mop Stronger.

The first time I made this, I had a problem with the mop head coming off, so take a look below at some of the mods that I have made.

a) Be sure to use a wooden mop stick. At the end of the mop stick, cut five grooves as shown.

b) This time wrap the strips around the stick and this time secure with wire as shown.

With these adjustments, you can turn your mop from a one year mop to a hundred year mop.

Happy mopping



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    My mom used to always talk about how great a rag mop was back in the old days. I believe it and maybe I'll try to make one. Thanks for your instructions.

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    For optimal results when mopping any type of flooring is to use a flat aluminum mop frame in combination with waffle weave microfiber floor cloths, no other type of mopping systems will come near if you require optimal results when mopping your floors.

    lol'd so hard that I literally sign up just to post this comment. If you want a real, decent mop, try a spin mop. I've been using them for a while and all I can say it's great after all. I even created an entire website dedicated to them at, check it out!

    Awesome instructable.
    But, the great problem, is that it very difficult to find a sexy man to use this mop, first and, second, I am not sure that reuse a man (even not sexy) is a good idea.

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    Love It !!!!! Thanks!

    I imagine it gives the ties more grip, as they have a groove to sit in, thus making it sturdier

    I'm in Hong Kong and these are the mops of choice for people who clean streets and stuff..actually in China even people in restaraunts and kind of everywhere use mops like this...made out of old clothes and whatever they can get their hands on i guess

    Is it tacky that I like the fact that a male is holding the mop in the instructional pictures? Actually, this seems like a great idea. Will let you know how it fares for me.

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    Dear sassy_teach, My oh my, you are sassy aren't you! Why is that tacky though? Plus, I am not sure if you mean that men with mops is a good idea, or the mop itself. Whatever the case, I look forward to your reply, and I hope you can find a man to wield the mop. Best regards, Brendan

    A couple of suggestions: 1) To stop the stick from rotting or splitting at the end, put a condom over it or dip it in the liquid latex that they used for coating tool handles (a maker staple imho) 2) Cut a square or three of cloth and put them over the end of the stick before attaching the strips. You could also use one of those green plastic scrubbing pads which would give you a slightly abrasive tip for loosening hard dirt. They make quite a variety of them, so pick one that's appropriate for the surfaces that you'd be mopping. 3) Use hose clamps (quick release ones if you want to get fancy) instead of wire or string. It makes it easier to replace the cloth when it gets stinky. Great article. I would never have thought of doing this on my own. It's the most obvious things that we take for granted.

    Nice mop! I make a rag variation with a stick and old bar towels. The StickMop - a short 2x2 with a hole in it that you put the broomstick in, and then put the rag over the 2x2 part (yeah, there's a out there if you need more info about putting two sticks together and draping a rag over it). No Swiffers in this household.

    To prevent scratches and make the mop even better for high pressure scrubbing: Construct as instructed. When finished, wrap the mop really tight with some thread (probably a lot of thread) BELOW the stick also. Then the wire is securely hidden under the towel, and even the stick can't poke through the towel. You will then be free to use ever so much "elbow grease" as you please without risking your floor, be it whatever material.

    Dear jackfr0st, That's a good point, however I think that this would be a more pratical item over a stylish item, so the scratches would not matter so much. What do you think I could do to stop the scratching? Brendan

    brendan, i think that you could, either twist the wire back up around and tape it, or you could dir it in plasti dip

    Well, tape wouldn't work well because it's going to get wet... often... and plasti-dip isn't as durable as I had hoped it would be... I had some to use on my glasses (to coat the arms) and it wore off every 2 weeks...