A Halloween tradition at my house is to build an elaborate Halloween display with the entire family.  We begin Oct 4 (day after my daughters birthday) and work up until Oct 31.  Since they were able, the kids have gotten to choose the big item we build.  For the past three years, they all have been star wars related - so I have had to get creative and interpret starwars through a Halloween lens :)  It's been fun - this year was the first year we have had an entire garage to use for our decorations.  Years past, I have built free standing haunts with pvc pipe and black plastic walls. The wind always did a number on them - this year was the best...I can't wait til next.  Quote of the evening from a 7 year old boy -- "Wow, this is like a dream come true..." not sure what kind of dreams he has, but it made my night ;)


canadysf (author)2012-09-29

Great job. I've been toying with the idea to do a haunted house in my garage this year and have been scouring the internet for ideas. I came up with a maze that uses pvc and black plastic for the walls, but I think it will take too much time. I really like your simple U shape with the graveyard up front. I'll take this approach this year and maybe work on the pvc/plastic walls for next year. Good job!!! Thanks for posting. Now I know I can do it.

michaelgohjs (author)2010-11-05

i see you use a lot of white,
any chance of making it dark and have a laser trip wire activate some kind of blacklight flash to make the ghost glow of a split second?
that would be a nice addition

l8nite (author)2010-11-02

Awesome job! Theres very few rewards better than a childs appreciation. We had a first this year, a grown man ran screaming from the haunt with his pants wet, he didnt even wait for his friends. Is it ok with you for me to post this "ible" to my facebook, Correa Ct Haunted House ?

jbulot (author)l8nite2010-11-03

Thanks, it's always been fun for us. Sure, feel free to post.

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