Materials Needed:

1. Soft woven fabric that drapes nicely and is soft enough to be a scarf.
You can use pieces of vintage clothes sewn together to make strips or any other of your choosing
2. Colored embroidery thread.
3. Embroidery needle. Available at most drug stores.
4. Scissors for cutting fabric.
5. Metal charms or pieces of old costume jewelry – these pieces must have holes big enough for the embroidery thread to go through.
6. Any other materials you want to use.

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Cut strips of fabric to be braided. The thicker the strips, the bulkier the scarf. The length depends on your preference – longer is better for scarves to be wrapped around the neck two or three times.
ShielaAngel8 years ago
Ooh, I love this idea! It looks so neat =)
katushkin9 years ago
a practical way to make use of scrap fabrics. also adorable.
MargART9 years ago
do not use old fabric. Just use old scraves. Using a hodge podge of fabric looks like you have shirts wrapped around your neck. trust me, I tried it.