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Here is a project I've been working on for a few days, Its a flame thrower that looks like it emits from your hand and it will only cost you around $10!
This Flame thrower hand is in many awesome movies and games.
I made it using a butane bottle and bike cable, a glove and few other things (refer to photos with tags for the rest of what I used)
Using a tube and a lever I can regulate the gas flow. The lever is connected to a cable which goes to a ring on my hand for easy use. So when my hand in pulled backwards the flame will get larger. The gas can be lit by a sparker or pilot light (e.g a mounted barbecue lighter)
I would highly recommend a leather glove for protection and for mounting of the nozzle (picture 6)
When I finished it I decided to cook some BACON with it, So I gave it the nickname Bake-Hand.

To See more things like this check out my youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/SubjectAwesome, thanks :)

If you reproduce this product,
your own safety is your concern.
This it a very dangerous product and must be used
in the correct and appropriate way, thanks.

<p>HOW did you make it </p>
<p>how did you make the lever so the butane nosel would be pressed don and still come out and into the tube </p>
What is the part that is attached to the glove?
<p>yo SubjectAwesome im gona make bake hand but i gotta ask are you able to make the same thing but instaed having it fully co-ordinated to your arm instead, in a case that the gas can blows up on your chest</p>
Step by step
who cares about safety its time to be pyro <br>
Step by step please.
at least someone made a more clear and simple version!Thanks cause every other one i see is extremely complicated and expensive to make <br>
Thanks, glad to hear that :)
well how do u make it
Sweet got my supplies making it tomorrow
Insane, great job !
I would love to see a step-by-step. I was thinking of trying my hand at a steampunk iron man and this would be a perfect replacement for the hands
That's pretty nice. Have you considered steam-punking (pardon my gerundification) it up?
Yes do a step by step
yesss heee should <br>
siccckkkKKkk viddd mannnnn!!!!