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Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a chakram like Xena's why dont you just make your own for alittle over 20 bucks. Things you will need:

jig saw
10 inch circle
primer for paint
gray spray paint that is sparkle
tape measurer
sand paper
2 by 2 1/4 wood (plywood or oak) oak is stronger

If you dont have a jig saw but you have a hand saw
buy plywood because you wont be able to cut oak with the saw its to hard.
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Step 1: Buy a 1 foot by 1 foot 1/4 piece of wood

I got mine at lowes. Just ask the people who work there can they show you where the 1/4 piece of woods are at. You will have to get a bigger piece like 2 by 2 they don't come as small as 1 foot by 1foot. I repeat the piece of wood you will but will be larger then what you need but it will be very very cheap. That way if you want you can make one then one with different design or use the wood for something else.

Step 2: FInd a circle around your house the measures 10 inches across.

Picture of FInd a circle around your house the measures 10 inches across.
I used the cover for the stove it was perfect size.

Step 3: Draw the ying yang design

Picture of Draw the ying yang design
The was the most difficult part for me. This is what you can do print it out really big and trace it on the wood.
h88643 years ago
get a 4 by 4 inch piece of wood and split it into four pieces. you can now make four!!!
Nyanman7 years ago
chakram are a lot smaller than that. and they don't have that piece in the middle. they're like 3" to 5" across and about a half inch between inner diameter and outer diameter. just for those that want a realistic one. and for those people that make realistic ones, i hope you know how to throw them!!! just for reference to others.
lilel (author)  Nyanman7 years ago
actually this is a realistic one google it chakram varies in all sizes and it s\dosent matter how big or small they are becuase they were different sizes in the past and this is Xena's chakram the ying yang one so.... just google it :)
Nyanman lilel7 years ago
it wont throw proper with that cross bar. trust me a friend of mine has some real ones. nasty razer bladed things.
lilel (author)  Nyanman7 years ago
actually it throws pretty cool ill make a youtube video soon but your right i also have a metal one without the bar and it fly way better.:)
Nyanman lilel7 years ago
how do you throw them? are you using the historic way to throw them or are you tossing them like shuriken or a frisbee?