hey guys i came up with this...its really cool and helpful i hope you all will like it
As long as you don't explain, detailed, how You modified the &quot;spectacle case&quot;, my accusation stands! <br> <br>I played with a table sweeper ca. 25 years ago, and it looked eerily similar to this one, except for the glued to rc car.
i am giving exact details in my video how i modified it.First listen it!!
While the main idea ist good, putting a table sweeper together with a rc car, you tell the people that you came up with the sweeper youself. I think you can't deny that you took a gerneric table sweeper apart and put it back together in the video claiming it was your design. Probably you should think this idea further, making it (work) better. And do a real step-by-step instructable instead of making a flumsy video, fishing for credit.
dude that table sweeper was made by me and it is my design.
Ive seen exactly the same table sweeper in the shops for a couple bucks.
that may b coincidence....

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