have you ever wanted to impress the ladies with your awesome satchel? need to keep all of your manly items together?or maybe you just want to look like zach galifianakis in the hangover? well,no need to fear, because i am here to show you how to make an awesome satchel ( just like indiana jones has!) out of duct tape!

this is my first instructable so feel free to point out mistakes so i can do better

Step 1:

get some duct tape. use any color you like, just make sure you have enough of it.

Step 2:

 make two sheets of duct tape about 9.5 inches by 8.5 inches. it is easier to make by making one huge sheet of duct tape and cutting out what you need.

Step 3:

 duct tape the two pieces together on the bottom and both sides, leaving the top open.

Step 4:

 now its time to make the flap. make a strip of duct tape about half of the satchel and tape it to one side of the satchel

Step 5:

 the strap. i found out that about 3 feet worked for me.im 5'4, so you may have to adjust for your height

Step 6:

 your done! now you can flaunt around with your awesome new satchel!
You asked for some feedback so here's mine. I've never made anything out of duct tape so when you tell me to make two sheets, I have no idea how. If you could show that, it would make a better step-by-step instructable.<br><br>Love the idea though, imagine if you had used the zebra print duct tape... :)
Turned out great, I'll see if I can post a pic. Made it slightly larger, (11 X 11 1/4)
Making one almost as I write with Mossy Oak cammo duct tape.
careful, there's skittles in there

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