I made this to decorate the wall of the blue bedroom used by my international polytechnic students.
It has a distinct kiwi flavour with the paua and white river pebbles which I found on a journey to the South Island of New Zealand.
Step 1. Cut out the main fabric to fit the canvas covered frame allowing enough to cover the sides and fold under.
Step 2. Make a tight, neat fold on each corner and staple in place.
Step 3. To add texture, interest and to highlight the dark blue, cover part of the side with navy chiffon.
Step 4. Lightly glue the edge of the chiffon onto the main fabric, fold under and staple.
Step 5. Glue white cord onto the edge of the chiffon and another row of cord about 2cm inside of that.
Step 6. For more detail, add flat back gel beads. These are used for scrapbooking.
Step 7. Highlighting details.
Step 8. Glue paua shell pieces up the side over the chiffon
Step 9. Scrunch up a piece of metallic blue fabric, glue and add white pebbles to finish.
Step 10. Hang your picture and enjoy!


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Bio: Very creative,widowed twice, 2 lovely boys with families, international polytech student homestay. Run a small biz-see webpage.
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