hi in this instructable i will show you how to make a joule theif.this joule theif can be used to charge capacitors.
I charged a 30v 3300uF cap in 5 minutes.

Step 1: PARTS


Q1-D882 or any npn transistor
D1-1n4007 or any diode above 5v
toroid-you will get one from an old cfl
C1-3300uF or any other cap to be charged

What is the output voltage?
It depends on number of turns on the collector emitter coil,higher the turns there higher the voltage.I got about 40 volts
<p>Can it be used to charge the capacitor enough for a coilgun?</p>
You can try a joule ringer.It can produce high voltages with <br>descent current output
No.Its output current is very low
This is my account i firgit the username and password so im not able to answer ur questions
<p>What's the current path once you remove the battery?</p><p>Are you sure you don't have the led in parallel with the capacitor?</p>
I have a capacitor charging while running this thing so if there is no diode the current can flow back
Very Neat. I have a lot of googling to do now
Hi, that is good :D. but couse you load is a LED, i think you dont need the diode in output? dont you think?

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