hi in this instructable i will show you how to make a joule theif.this joule theif can be used to charge capacitors.
I charged a 30v 3300uF cap in 5 minutes.

Step 1: PARTS


Q1-D882 or any npn transistor
D1-1n4007 or any diode above 5v
toroid-you will get one from an old cfl
C1-3300uF or any other cap to be charged

<p>What's the current path once you remove the battery?</p><p>Are you sure you don't have the led in parallel with the capacitor?</p>
<p>Can it be used to charge the capacitor enough for a coilgun?</p>
What is the output voltage?
I have a capacitor charging while running this thing so if there is no diode the current can flow back
Very Neat. I have a lot of googling to do now
Hi, that is good :D. but couse you load is a LED, i think you dont need the diode in output? dont you think?

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