Step 4: RAG RUG STEP 1

Unusual style of images - where are they from?
I drew them by hand, scanned, and used images from the web for patterns. Thanks for your interest.
<p>i like the hand drawn &quot;cartoon&quot; method of instructions to read. </p>
Cool - that might almost be worth an Instructable itself.
Where does one find a 1/4&quot; MESH RUG CANVAS?
<p>amazon is a good place and michaels also sells them. over 55 get a 10% discount at michaels. LOL</p>
Yes! where? all I can find is latch hook canvas and the squares are too small. <br />
started it.needs a lot of patience....?
<p>Awesome instructions . Thank you for sharing. I intend to make this as a project for myself and the grandkids. Thank you , your instructions were the clearest to follow.</p>
<p>Beautifully designed Instructable. Thank you for the clear and gorgeous directions. (The caps are completely appropriate as a design technique here, so don't listen to the crankypants people in the comments.)</p>
<p>Really pretty and clear illustrations. Thanks for making the extra effort!</p>
oh that`s so cool,i am making one,thank you,easy pretty and nifty instructable!
This is great! I've wanted to make one of these for a while!! <br> <br>Glad someone made an instructable <br>xx
Kiteman! I believe you are right!( don't you love to hear that!) Love the way this is put together! love the idea, but are there any substitutions for using mesh rug canvas?
I just made this but with two changes:<br> <br>Used fleece 6&quot; by 1&quot; strips (cut with a rotary cutter)<br><br>Used rubber non-slip carpet pad for the backing instead of canvas.<br>But don't tie the strips diaginally because it will mis-shape the rug.<br><br>Hang dry or use the delicate cycle on dryer.
Thank you for sharing this thrifty idea! I have plenty of worn clothing and a bit of the mesh handy. Sounds like a great winter project.<br><br>I don't mind the caps. It helps those who may not be able to see as well. A former co-worker of mine could not read well unless she used all caps. Unless one's intent is anger, I don't consider all caps to be a bad thing. <br><br>:-) Karen
A faster method to cutting would to be to use a quilters cutting mat and rotary cutter if you have them. Super easy and creative rug! : )
I've been meaning to get a rug for my kitchen and I need to go through my closet and get rid of old clothes. This idea will kill two birds with one stone. Many thanks!
WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?! Do you not love me? Did I disappoint you? What about the children? You cant leave!
Definitely an overhand knot - a square knot uses two overhand knots, tied in opposite directions (otherwise it's a granny knot).<br /> <br /> Funny, I never noticed before:&nbsp;typed ALL-CAPS are kinda annoying (they are described as internet &quot;shouting&quot;), but all-caps in Comic Sans font feels more like comic-book lettering, and not at all shouty. More like traffic or information signs. This instructable uses both kinds, and the effect shifts abruptly. Interesting!<br /> <br /> Also - really love the illustrations!<br />
&nbsp;Grweat Idea! Simple and Effective!
That looks like an overhand knot to me.
Nicely done. I have read of people using hessian as a base, and pulling rag pieces through with a crochet hook. Keep meaning to try it, as I have some cheap hessain sacks lying around!<br />
I love the drawings! And also I once got one of these rugs as a gift from a friend and have used it ever since.
I like the &quot;folder&quot; design of your images!<br />
Err.. More like &quot;tab&quot; design!<br />
Agreed! I&nbsp;love this style.&nbsp; You should definitely document the process!<br />

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