Introduction/Background Information: According to Lisa and Tony Sierra at About.com,“ the Tortilla espanola or Spanish Omelet is the most commonly served dish in Spain. It is also called Tortilla de Patata or Potato Omelet. Bars and cafes serve it as a tapa or appetizer, but it is often served as a light dinner in Spanish homes. Because it is easy to transport, the Spanish make bocadillos or sandwiches by placing a piece between two pieces of a baguette.”

Prep Time (approximately): 10- 15 minutes

Cook Time (approximately): 20 minutes

Total Time (approximately): 30- 35 minutes

Yield: 6-8 servings


Step 1: Ingredients for Spanish Potato Omlette

• 6-7 potatoes

• 1 medium onion

• Salt • Pepper

• 12 eggs

• Olive Oil
I'm the same as Miguel. This is an excellent base recipe but there's so much more you can do to liven it up. I use chunks of cheese, chorizo or a handful of fresh herbs from the garden I'll usually sprinkle it with a bit of paprika and olive oil before the first flip to give it a fantastic mottled red/brown colour when it's flipped onto the plate. A bit of saffron in there works wonders too. <br>I'll quite often make this at a weekend for brunch (i.e. when we've had a lie-in and got up too late to call it breakfast #;&not;)
I love this dish, but have tweaked my version up a little bit. The rest of my family are traditionalists but they too love my version. I put chopped Spanish Chorizo in it as well as double the garlic. When Chorizo isn't available I do kielbasa or something like it. I also top it with a light sprinkle of some pungent cheese like Asiago and roasted peppers. In my circle of friends and family my version is known as Patatas a la Miguel.

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