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I have 3 super great boys and, within their realm, they have incredible Super abilities! They can find and conquer the evil Detch Vatsher (dishwasher) at break-neck speed AND haul in (for questioning) the Garbatche Brothers (garbage cans) 2 AT A TIME! ... any parent knows this MUST mean these are children that have been endowed with Super powers!!!!!!

Since providing them with their first Super cape years ago, our boys have gone on from just being Super, to achieving the Hero status around our corner of the world...(they now mow OTHER peoples yards!)

Recognition is the first and most critical thing we can do as parents of Super children.
Most children are great at masking their Super identities!...They will lead you to believe they are average run-of-the-mill kids, but in actuality if you observe them at a friends house (or any home other than your own) you will see they have been endowed with Super abilities also! When viewed (from the secret x-ray eye I have in the back of my head) at other friends homes, I noticed my boys helping to clean the other child's room in a flurry (as I do believe, this was the ONLY way the friend could play outside) I came to the realization that unbenost to myself and husband, we HAD 3 Super boys! As their mother, I recognized these amazing feats and felt it my duty to equip them!

Hence...this Instructable!