title says it all
download the files
unzip them
in the folder named Windows7-DreamScene-Enablex86, run the program
after that has been installed right click the avi file in the folder named warpspace and click set as desktop back ground
this version only works with 32 bit windows\
here is a link to more themes
<p>Hmmmm... if this works with .avi files, then I can probably use .avi short-clips from my favorite movies, such as a fight scene from &quot;The Five Venoms&quot; ...Thanks! :-D</p>
I AM VERY exited...i like video wallpapers.. <br>
hmm i know there is a way with BS played, with option called desktop mode, you can watch any video on your desktop!
A lot like what I can do in Linux. In X Window the desktop is just the root window. So if I direct my video player to use the root window it plays there. A command like $ mplayer -fs -loop 0 -rootwin some.avi would play a video clip over and over. I can't do it with a right click context menu in my present Desktop Environment though. I just looked. Perhaps another has the ability? I'll have to check my machine upstairs. It runs a different Desktop Environment than this one does.

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