Make a really cool Automatic Toilet!

All you will need is-

A small 12 volt motor ( from an old led disco light)

A switch

Hot glue and gun

12 volt power source


Soldering Iron and solder

Heat shrink tubing

Step 1: STEP 1

First connect the switch to the + and the other side to the motor.

Now do the same with the -.


You must use a motor from a disco light because when you turn it off it reverses so the seat will go up and down.

Step 2: STEP 2

Step 2 is just glueing

First glue the wire onto the motor.

So now just glue and glue and gluuuuuuuuuue until you get an outline of a pulley.

Step 3: TEST

Now use some blue tac or putty to secure the motor and wire to the top of the toilet and the seat!

Thank you so much for the attention!

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<p>I like the concept. Could do a little decorating now that the mechanics are there. Place motor in pretty box?</p>
What do you mean
<p>Are you a day early? </p>
The video can be accessed on my website!
<p>Cool project! How about adding a video to show it working?</p>
<p>NOOOO! Please not!</p>

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