In today's video video I'll show you how to make a glass with automatic lighting.

Step 1: If You Are Waiting for Some Holiday or Just Arrange a Party Why Not Surprise Your Friends With Something Absolutely Terrific, As a Glass With Automatic Lighting.

Step 2: Filling the Glass With Automatic Lighting With a Tasty Cocktail or Any Other Drinks, the Vessel Will Make It More Amazing, So That the Rest of the Guests Would Like to Drink One More Portion.)

Step 3: Glasses With the Lighting Will Be Interesting to Every Child, If You Decorate His/her Birthday Table.

<p>Thank for sharing</p>
I hate to break it to you, buuut... no video. Cool idea though! I'll definitely try it ^-^
no vedio<br>
Cool! I'll Make someday

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