Right now i am going to tell you how to create my family's banana pudding.
first you need your ingredents:
            large mixing bowl
            electric mixer
            two boxes of instant pudding[ French vinnilla]
            three cups of milk
            one small carton of sour cream
            one small carton of Cool Whip
            two to three bananas
            one box of vanilla wafers
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Step 1: Step one

Picture of step one
Mix the three cups of milk and the pudding together until it is not lumpy

Step 2: Step two

Picture of step two
Once you have mixed the pudding and milk together then add the small carton of sour cream.

Step 3: Step three

Picture of step three
Once you have mixed the sour cream, milk, and pudding together you will  add the last ingredient to the mixture which is the small carton of cool whip.

Tip: always put the cool whip in last to where the pudding will be more fluffy.

Step 4: Making the bowl

Picture of making the bowl
Now it is time to make your bowl.
First you will put the vanilla wafers down for the first layer.
Next add a layer of banana pudding (use half of the pudding).     

Step 5:

Picture of
banana top.JPG
Next slice the bananas into quarter inch slices, now cover the top of the pudding with a single layer of bananas.

Step 6:

Picture of
Next you will repeat the layers of wafers, pudding (using the remainder of the pudding) and bananas.

Step 7:

Picture of
Finally, you will top the pudding layers with one final layer of vanilla wafers. Refrigerate.

Step 8: Conclusion

Once you have finished these steps you may enjoy the banana pudding whit your family ans friends
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Fantastic! I love this dessert. I would recommend putting one of the last two pictures as your intro image!