Hello my friends!

Today we make chocolate vending machine from cardboard. You can take chocolates: Mars, Snickers or Kit Kat for 2 Euro.
For making this machine you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Knife
  • Case for disk
  • Stickers
  • 2 Euro Coin
  • Snickers chocolate
  • Mars chocolate
  • Kit Kat chocolate

First, watch the video instruction


Let's start!

Step 1: Place for Chocolates

First you need to take the cardboard.

Cut in the right places as in the picture

Then they need to be glued together

Step 2: Pusher for Chocolates

It is necessary to cut a pusher for chocolates.

This device will push the chocolate to us.

Step 3: Platform for the Device

You need to trim and prepare a pusher platform.

All dimensions are shown in the picture.

Step 4: Сonnect Platform and Collector

Now we connect the platform and the collector for the chocolates.

Step 5: Cut Out the Hole for the Coins and Install the Pusher

You need to cut out the hole for the coins as indicated in the image

Also fix the pusher to the platform.

Step 6: ​Install the Coin Trap

To do this, cut the trap and collector.

It is important that the holes of the collector coincide with the first hole in the platform

Step 7: Extrusion Device

In this cardboard there must be a hole for the coin, where the coin comes.

Without a coin, it will slide.

Step 8: ​Box for the Device.

For full operation, you need three devices.

We fix everything and fix it. My coins roll out. But you can make a collector for coins.

Step 9: Decoration and the End of Work.

You can decorate or highlight the device.

Once again, look at the video with the instructions and everything will be clear.

This is the first instruction on the site. I hope you liked it !!! Put your likes and comment on YouTube. We will do more instructions.



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    how do I glue because I can barely see the other side


    What I LOVE about this instructable is that it's NOT laser cut or done with anything fancy! Just plain good measuring, cutting (although I cringed on seeing the wooden surface and the box cutter), and hot glue. Bravo! Well done, and documented.

    Wanna dat machine at home :p

    quick question. Can you make more detailed instructions because this one is kind of hard to understand and it doesn't show us how to make all the parts.

    So nothing will be on the pull-out thing if you don't put in a coin and pull it out? Or will it just not pull out?

    I think that with a coin it will be more interesting.

    I start to do this machine with my husband! It's really funny :)

    Dear Szokusia,

    Without a coin, it is impossible to move the pusher for the chocolates.

    Watch the video how it works.

    If you liked it, put Like on Youtube, and write a comment.

    Just do not forget to subscribe and you will not miss the most interesting!

    Thank you)

    Also, will it work with non-2 euro coins, like quarters or tokens?