This is an ipod controlled rc car with a wireless camera. This car's controller is connected to the arduino which is then controlled by python and python is controlled by an Mungo Servo which enables the ipod to be used as a game controller for the computer.

rc car with contoller
wireless camera
LAPTOP or DESKTOP with wifi capabilities
CD4066BE IC chip
This chip is fairly simple. This chip is used so that when the arduino sends a signal it connects 2 wires. It acts like a switch. A schematic is shown below.

(MUNGOGAMER OR MUNGOGAMER LITE) http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mungogamer-remote-steering/id364049644?mt=8
MUNGOGAMER works with wifi so I made a video showing you how to make a wifi hotspot from your laptop with windows 7. If you do not have windows 7 use programs like Connectify to make a hotspot.


(MUNGOGAMER) http://www.mungoscott.com/downloads.html
(PYTHON 2.7) http://www.python.org/getit/releases/2.7/

(DS3TOOL) http://www.motioninjoy.com/

DS3 TOOL is to connect your ps3 controller to you computer with usb cable or though bluetooth. DS3 needs internet to work so that is why you should watch the video so that your able to control rc car without internet.


Step 1: Taking Apart Controller

Take out batteries
Unscrew Antenna
Unscrew Screws on Back of Controller
Unscrew Circuit Screws
On the back of the Circuit Board you have to identify where where the buttons are soldered. Usually there is one solder point which is connected to all buttons on the Circuit Board. This solder point is usually ground. Solder one wire to that one. Now you have to find the other 4 points where the buttons are soldered.
Every-time the the (GROUND) is connected to the other wires the led turns on symbolizing that a signal is being sent.

Step 2: Building the Circuit

Everything is connected according the schematic below.
NOTICE: I do not specify where which arduino pins. This is because you can change which pins should be connected to which wires.
IF: Arduino Pin 13 to IC Pin 13
    Arduino Pin 12 to IC Pin 12
    Arduino Pin 11 to IC Pin 5
    Arduino Pin 10 to IC Pin 6

When Arduino Pin 13 is HIGH Car should go forward
When Arduino Pin 12 is HIGH Car should turn left
When Arduino Pin 11 is HIGH Car should go backward
When Arduino Pin 10 is HIGH Car should turn right

Step 3: The Programming Part

Now you should have all the software installed from the intro.
You will need some extensions for python.
(pygame for 2.7) http://pygame.org/download.shtml
(pyserial) http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyserial/
(servo) principialabs.com/wp-content/uploads/servo.py
             servo.py should be placed in C:\Python27\Lib OR WHERE EVER YOU WANT IF YOU DIRECT WHERE IT IS  FOR THE OTHER PROGRAM

REPLACE '/dev/tty.usbserial-FTALLOK2'

UPLOAD RemoteControlTest7 to arduino first before running JUMITest9 and also before running JUMITest9 make sure arduino is connected to computer and make sure it has the same COM#

CODE was removed by Author.

Step 4: By This Point

By this time your controller should be connected to arduino. Arduino should be connected to PC. The mungo servo should be running on your PC. Your ipod should be running mungogamer and be connected to the server. If everything works correctly run python and there should be a lag between your controlling the car and you pressing the button on the ipod. To fix this you need to make your own wifi hotspot from your laptop.
watch that video if not download and install connectify http://www.connectify.me/ and make a hotspot from there. Connect to it from your ipod and start up mungo again and it should work.
Now if you are using ps3 remote you will not have this problem because the ps3 remote already connects directly to your laptop.
To connect your ps3 remote to you ps3 you start up  DS3 Tool. Cick driver manager ontop.Make sure all other devices are disconnected except for your PS3 controller. Click load driver. Do the same for the Bluetooth adapter. To connect you ps3 remote through Bluetooth connect ps3 controller to PC. Bluetooth pair on the top. Next click pair. go back to profiles and disconnect remote from computer. Instead of saying Waiting Controller to be connected it should say something like Bluetooth PS3 remote. To make sure everything is ok click vibrate. If your controller vibrates than everything should be fine. You will have to change the mode depending on how you would like to control the car. For the python program I put up try Playstation 3 MODE if not try Playstation 2 the one on top of Playstation 3. Still need help watch this video

HOPEFULLY you should be able to control the car by using the ipod as a steering wheel. And move forward and backward by pressing the + and - buttons in mungo remote.

Step 5: Camera Mount

You want to take the camera and separate it from the bottom piece.
I cut a piece of the car to put the camera wire through.
Slip the wire through the cut and tape it to the top of the car.

Step 6: Finish IT UP

Now you have to take off cover of Car.
Tape 9 volt battery to top of cover of car.
Connect the camera to the 9 volt battery screw top.
Now just connect the camera receiver to a TV and watch the magic happen.
You are able to do this without having access to internet with programs like connectify.

Step 7: Special Thanks

I thank everyone who's video I linked because my internet is slow and it would take forever for me to upload my videos. Also a big thank you to the people of principia labs for their code. And my parents and uncle who were very supportive. With out them this could not have happened. Now I will be posting a video on youtube in a few days so look me up rirdrifta. The video is my brother using the ps3 remote and the tilt axis to turn left and right.

Expanding now this code can be modified to control so much more. I am recently working on controlling a fast big spy car with servos that move the camera and using xbee to control so much more. With xbee and with modification of this code i am able to control a automatic bebe gun, mount a camera and shoot people and drive the car away controlling everything from distance from my laptop. Or control most electronic devices in your home with a few relays. There will definitely be future development so look me up. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions please comment below. Thank You
<p>Can i make a something like this for android phone ???</p>
<p>Yes you can do this with android phone. To be honest it is probaly easier.</p>
the video is private i would love to watch the video of how it works could you send me the link of the video if you make it public?
<p>Just made the video public</p>
How is someone make this when there isn't any code in this instructable.<br>
<p>You can go back in time when I had the code then you just copy it and store it someplace and let the future you have it.</p>
<p>Yes you can do this for android phone and I made the video public.</p>
Your controller seems to take 2x AA. Doesn't it output 3V rather than Arduino's 5V from its data pins?
Yes it does
Then don't you need to regulate the voltage of the switch output?
Are you talking about the ic because if you see the scematic the arduino does not send any current to the controller it only sends the signal to the ic that would act as if a button was pressed. There are no switches. The ic acts like a switch.
Yes, but the ic gives 5V at each switching output, right? i.e. pins 1,4,6 and 8 on the ic give 5V each, right? Your controller should only take 3V, so don't you need to convert 5V to 3V?
The ic does also does not send any current to the controller. When the ic is closed it connects 2 wires from the controller ground and a signal. So when i connect ground to signal it does something like go forward, back, left or right depending on which signal wire.

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