This instructable show you how to make very low cost ,simple mini drone under 25$. I used h8 mini receiver board and transmitter to make this drone. The total weight of this drone 33.50g with 260mAh battery and flight time approx 4 min. Further i plan to upgrade it with more mAh battery.


We can buy all materials from Aliexpress, Gearbest or Ebay. I bought from Aliexpress.

1. H8 mini receiver board (6$)

2. H8 mini Transmitter (6$)

3. 4 x Moters 7x20mm (2x cw,2x ccw) (4$)

4. 4 x 55 mm propellers ( i used 75mm but should use 55mm) (1$)

5. 1x 260 mAh Li-po Battery (3$)

6. Battery Charging Cable

7. Plastic Sheet for drone frame


For frame i used 15cm. x15cm. plastic sheet. You can find frame diagram here . Download and print it on papper. Then cut it and stick it on the plastic sheet.

Cut the plastic sheet and make hole for mount moters. Cut 1cm. long 4 pieces of pen for landing gears and stick it to the frame.

Step 3: Cunstruction and Soldering

Mount moters to the frame as shown in the image. Make sure cw moters and ccw moters mounted in correct directions.

Place receiver board on the frame using double sided tape and solder all motors to the receiver board in correct polarity. Fix propellers to the moters as shown in the image. Place the battery under the frame using double sided tape.

. Propeller A = CW = Red wire + And Blue wire -

. propeller B = ccw = white wire + and Black Wire -

Step 4: Flying Test

Will upload Soon !

<p>Hi, cool project! what voltage battery are you using?</p>
Thank you. I used 3.7v 400mah lipo battery.
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm going to be adding and Pi0 w to this to stream video and am most likely going to need to increase battery capacity. How far weight wise do you think I can go before I'd need better moters?
You can increase weight upto 40 grams but flight time will be deincresed. If you will use more mAh battery then more weight will increase due to bigger battery. I recommend you to make bigger drone using JJRC H31 transmitter and receiver board and motor gear.
<p>Excellent work, definitely looking forward to the test flight :) </p>

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