Things you need:
1.A Jar
2.RC car fuel line
3.Duct Tape
4.A pen
5.OPTIONAL: A drip tip from an Ecig
6.A Socket
7.Hot glue
8. Something to poke holes into the lid

Step 1: STEP 1

Poke 2 holes in the lid on opposite sides of each other. the tool in the pic was what i used to make the holes:)

Step 2: STEP 2

After poking the holes, take apart your pen and you should be left with the casing of the pen, then push the pen casing down in 1 hole And make sure it is a very tight fit ALSO you want to make sure that there is about  an inch of pen casing sticking out the top.. after that, do the same with the fuel line, make it whatever length you desire. now put that in the other hole and be sure that there is about a     centimeter of it sticking out in the inside of the lid as shown in the pic. now use hot glue and glue everything in on both sides:)

NOTE!!!!!: make sure you dont get glue on the seal inside the lid

Step 3: STEP 3

Once that has been done, hot glue and tape the socket to the end of the pen tube making sure it is air tight. 

OPTIONAL: If you have a drip tip from an ecig, you can tape the on the end of the fuel line to to make it more comfortable using.

Step 4: Preparing It

When your ready to use this awesome thing, fill it up with water till it is about a inch or over the bottom of the pen.


Now all you have to do is load it up with your favorite smoking stuff. 

Does the pen have to be metal