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The author of this project you can find at below link.
How to make it:http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Solder-Buddy-from-sheet-plastic/CHWE8CCHEBNH5LG
Apolo82 years ago
I know I saw this before, Thanks Hey Jude, to guide me to the right direction. I've seen all your work and itś amazing!!

tgferreira184, +10 for your coment.
If you're copying another person's project, at least write your own instructions and put a link to the original idea saying "original idea by (...) can be found here"
macobt (author)  tgferreira1842 years ago
In description I post the link to original author instructable.
Thanks for thinking of 'credit where it is due', but macobt has put a link to the 'inspiration'. =)
Hey Jude2 years ago
Hey - we're all cooool.
macobt put a link to my work, where he got the inspiration from. (Hay Jude)
He saw my post (below) and made a really cool iteration of it - doing some nice work with a 555Timer too. I like it =)
There's more at my website too: http://www.judepullen.com/designmodelling/
Apolo82 years ago
It is not in your site...did you make it?