Hi Maker
today i show you how to make a alcohol stove.
you need only 2 can of soda and little bit of patience.
Be careful when you use the fire.

if you prefer the video-tutorial look this video:
---> http://youtu.be/SVWWZFyaEC0

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Step 1: CUT!

in the first step you have to cut the bottom of the can with a cutter or scissor.
attention: the aluminum is very sharp and you can cut your skin.


Now you have to join the two part, for make this, you have fold the board of one piece and put inside in other piece for make one single part.

Step 3: HOLING!

Now you have create the hole.
use needle for create 3 big hole in the center ( look the image); when you make this, create a series of little hole on crown of the piece (look the image)

Step 4: FUEL!

You just only put the alcohol inside the center of stove (on the 3 big hole).
after you fill the stove with alcohol, fire up and put 1 coin on the 3 big hole (look the image)

Step 5: COOK!

your stove is ready for cook! remember this flame isn't very hot, but when you don't have any source of heat this is a good alternative.

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