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you need

vasiline petroleum jelly

black eye shadow

and a small container

put 5 table spoons of the jelly in the small container,then use a spoon to lightly scrape the top layer of the black eye shadow into the container with the jelly,or an empty mascara container. stir for about 30sec. then dip and old mascra brush into the mixture and enjoy.
ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ? JUST ASK  and excuse my unwaxed eyebrows.lol
<p>could you use activated charcoal instead of eyeshadow?</p>
Is vasiline safe for the eye? I would really like to try it!
yes it wont hurt your eyes thats why im showing this because mascara has harmful chemiucals that iratate eyes if it gets direct contact with them. if your that worried just try to avoid getting it in your eyes,you can put it in a empty bottle of mascara so that the botle can scrape away the excess mascara to avoid clumps.

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