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This an tutorial on how to make your own ROBOTIC COCKTAIL DRESS!

WHY would you want to do that? Because it's FUN, TWIST-y, and it makes you the start on any cocktail party! Bringing your own set of drinks with you, -

For Maker Faire Ottawa this weekend, I gift an DIY tutorial on how to to craft this space-age kind of design; offering code, frontpiece and also techniques that might help you build cool #fashiontech projects!


Step 1: COLLECT YOUR PARTS! [order Your Tech]

First of all, you need to know what you need to get,
what I used for this dress:

1. An peristaltic pump from Party Robotics called 'Bartendro' you can get it on Sparkfun or directly from the Party Roboticswebsite, as you like! The pump comes with tubing (simply cut through half) and also connector parts from tube to pump.

2. An ethernet cable [CAT 6 cable], which you will cut open and reconnect in an next step. I will tell you how when you slide further. This cable makes your data flow through with an speed up to 500MHz ;) ZOOF ZOOF!...

3. An Teensy - I am using for this project an Teensy 3.2 aka an small, breadboard-friendly development board design by Paul Stoffregen which has an 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 platform it costs about $20 and uses an adapted version of the Arduino IDE (called Teensyduino) I am giving you the code later on in this tutorial, so don't worry at this stage about writing your own - simply flash in my code and you should be good to go!

This microcontroller (micro-computer ;)) is the BRAIN of your design.
[fun trivia - I had my own PINK teensy two years back!]

4. An momentary pushbutton (I use one from All Electronics) but you can also use any kind of pushbutton for example this one from Sparkfun.

5. 4.8V 5A voltage regulator, I am using an European brand called ModelCraft bought at Conrad, in the USA or UK you can find them in above link. But any 4.8V 5A voltage regulator will do.

6. Dean Connector Pair M/F - if you might want to change the connector plugs that are currently on the batteries - dean connectors are my favorite choice since they mount in very well and enclose very tight.

7. LIPO Battery - for this project you need to get to about 12V, so an LIPO battery of 11.1V 1800 mAh would do.

8. An LIPO-charging station - to charge your LIPO batteries! Mostly you can find these either online or at an remote controlled cars or drone shop (same place where you would buy your LIPO battery)

9. An water bottle hanging at the side of the hip with an clip: this can be any kind of liquid storage really.


10. Last but not least: you need wire - I use flexible wire from DigiKey - but Digikey makes you buy an whole spool, basically any kind of wire will do like this Hook-Up Wire Assortment from Sparkfun.

There are 2 kinds of wire I use:

* wire to connect your system with: this is 24 AWG wire (meaning - thinner, more flexible wire)
* wire to connect your battery with: for an 11.1V battery you can use for example 14 AWG wire
[if you decide to extend your battery wire so the battery can fit in the hip-pocket of your dress]

See the next step how to compose and hook everything up!

<p>Nice work. It is different and easy to follow. Thanks</p>
<p>This is very, very cool. Love your work.</p>
<p>Very Professional workmanship and a wonderful project....</p>
<p>Great idea, great design and a great Instructable. Thanks for sharing, excellent work!</p>
Wow! this is really cool! too advanced for me to make, but I dig it!<br>Tanks for sharing and Bombs too
<p>Thanks for sharing and open sourcing your design!</p>

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