HOW TO MAKE a MODED Cordless Electric Drill / Tutorial / DIY




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Introduction: HOW TO MAKE a MODED Cordless Electric Drill / Tutorial / DIY


Step 1: To Do a MODED Cordless Electric Drill You Need!

Today we will upgrade an old, faithful and unforgettable electric screwdriver which may still faithfully serve you inspite of its low cost!

Battery Capacity Tester:
Assortment Box:

Step 2: Guys, Please Note If You Won’t Like the Idea and You Will Be Looking for Potential Flaws Only First of All It Is Me Who Like the Idea and This Tool Is in My Hands) This Is What Really Matters)

Step 3: If You Support Me, Just Make the Same One and Believe Me There Are Now Drawbacks)

Step 4: The Only Thing I Would Like to Point Put Is to Make a Switch Button or a Time Button in Order for the Indicator Not to Light Up While You Are Not Operating the Tool If You Feel Lazy to Take the Battery Out Overnight.

Step 5: Guys, Don’t Forget It's My Pleasure to Have Such Cool Mates!) Thanks!)



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    I think that is so sick!

    This is awesome!
    With such an effort, why not fixing the battery?