Hi, in this Tutorial i show how to peel easily two tipe of vegetables:
This "foodhack" is very easy and does not cost you a lot of time.

-------Check this video for other "Foodhack" and tips for the kitchen----->


Step 1: Mark the Tomato

you need to make an X with a knife on the peel of your tomate

Step 2: HEAT!

take a bowl and fill it with ot water, put the tomato inside, after 10-15 second pull it out

Step 3: COOL

after pulling out the tomato from the hot water, put inside one bowl of cool water for 10 second.

Step 4: FINISH

now you just only peel the tomato with a knife, you'll be surprised of the easily of the peel comes away


the same thing happens for boiled potato.
put the hot potato in ice and water for 10 second , and after peel very easy under 5 second

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