In the following instructable ,we are going to teach you how to play crazy 8's

Step 1: Scramble the Cards

Split the deck in half then get 1of both half to intercept each other copy that multiple times.

Step 2: Giving Out the Cards

Give 5 cards to 1 of each players makes sure no one see your cards.

Step 3: Learn How to Start

To start the game, place a card in the middle and the first player has to place a card that matches the same symbol or number on top

Step 4: How to Go to the Next Person's Turns

Everybody put down A matching card until everyone has 1 card in the pile then repeat the process

Step 5: Next Step

keep puting down cards until 1 person get rid of all his cards in hand

Step 6: WINNER!!!!!!!

the first player to have no cards left is declared winner of the round

what do you do with the 8's?? (crazy 8's) and do you keep drawing from the undealt deck when you don't have a matching card to play??
<p>Good start. Are there points to be scored? How many rounds are there?</p>
<p>Fun game!!</p>

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