in this instructables  i will show you how to remove prints from your 3d printer without scraping , cutting,or damaging the tape you put on the bed. i thought of this because i always ruin the tape that i put on my heated bed and then if i don,t replace it for the next print the next print might mess up.soo i thought of ways to remove it and i thought it has to be easy small and thin to fit under the print and i thought floss.

you will need 
  • floss 
  • a finished print 
  • a 3d printer
1st string the floss around the bottom of your print.
2nd start working your way around the print i found that it helps to do this in a sawing motion going back and forth.
3rd when the floss comes all the way threw you can now lift your print off the bed.

Does mint flavoring act as a lubricant? :) This is a great idea!!
Great idea! <br>I was using a razor blade, and often messing up the tape as well. <br>I will give it a try! <br>
good idea!

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