Hi Maker, today i wanna show you this easy tutorial for clean your jar ,or glass, from the stickers and the annoying glue

if you prefer a video, in this video you can see the tutorial under 42 second!


Step 1: Use the Heat!

The first step is remove the stickers, to do this, i use the hairdryer.
the hairdryer can melt the glue under the stickers and you can remove the stickers easily.

Step 2: The Annoying Glue

The residue of glue is very annoying, because if you don't remove immediately the glue sticks the dirt and the look terrible.
For remove very easy and fast i use a element of recycling of your kitchen...the oil :)

Step 3: The Miraculous Oil

the oil is very useful in multiple uses, for this tutorial we use for remove the Glue residue...
i use a waste oil from the kitchen, so you can give of the oil a new life.
the power of this trick is because the oil reduce friction and the glue on the glass is easily removed, you need only a napkin or a sponge and rub on the surface you want to clean .
if you have a problem you can use "hot oil" but be careful not to burn yourself...remember, the glue and the stickers don't like the heat!


CaseyCase (author)2014-05-31

I recommend cigarette lighter fluid / VM&P naptha to remove petroleum-based adhesive residue. Works for me!

Kiteman (author)2014-05-30

I fill the jar with very hot water to melt the glue, then just scrape it off with my thumbnail or a small blade - far less messy than oil.

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