Valentines at Home 2010 Part 2





Introduction: Valentines at Home 2010 Part 2

This is a video on how to create a Valentines Table setting for just a few bucks.  Make a center piece for your table. It also teaches you how to make a Cruz puppy!  Very fun to make and takes just a few minutes. 



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    Super! You must be very popular in yor neighborhood. Where did you learn these things?

    Thanks for your comment.  I thought I replied to your comment but can't find it so I am re- submitting.  I learned how to do a lot of things from my mother, friends, and daughter.  My daughter and I started a family tradition by deciding to decorate the dinner table on any day not just the holidays.  The little kids love to help and it makes dinner time special.  I think it draws families together.  The napkins are hand made and the centerpiece. It is the Valentine theme that was my focus.  One can make a pretty centerpiece from things in their yard with a little imagination.  One year while visiting my daughter in Ga.  I made a center piece out of stuff I collected from her woods.  I wished I had a picture to share.  Again thank you for commenting.