Picture of How To Save Your Sunflowers From Critters For Less  Than  $2
Hi! Have you a  garden with sunflowers that are always eaten away by squirrels, not only sunflowers your vegetables and fruits are also damaged by the squirrels and the birds.And this was the situation in my case and the source of my motivation.

So, in this instructable I will be telling you how to  save you plants from critters like squirrels.

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Step 1: The Solution

I have worked out as many as 3 solutions so either of them should surely work.

1. Using odor
2. Using natural predators
3. Using ultrasonic waves
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kbug73802 years ago
Cool. But u should check out my solution. :D
wreath2 years ago
I love sunflowers! Next spring I will plant more and try your solution - wreath
A.R.2 years ago
voted I'll have to show this to my brother :)
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
great.. voted:D
Good idea. I voted for you!
dismissie2 years ago
awesome!- I voted for you!
Great !!!
eyesee2 years ago
Particularly agree
w.bartlett2 years ago
Good job!
sunshiine2 years ago
Awesome entry! Best wishes.
Slay.2 years ago
Hey I'm the guy who you voted for! Just returning the favor ;)
pudtiny2 years ago
Squirrels not like chilli powder, so you could spinkle this on the seed heads, unfortunatly birds are not bothered by chilli so you would need another idea for them. Good work well researched. Planting garlic or onions next to your carrot crop will help deter carrot fly as it disguises the carrot smell
portal pro2 years ago
Yes but you whould just have to come around every once and a while take them out and smash them is whould save monney too
portal pro2 years ago
it whould be a good idea to plant a gralic plant right beside the plant you wont to save or keep you should add that just saying good idea this is really good
pranjal12 (author)  portal pro2 years ago
it wouldn't be helpful becoz-
1. the garlic or the onion grows underground
2. even if it grew above, you know the fumes and the fragrence or whatever you say wouldn't be released into the air.(It is the reason you need to smash them)
tinpie2 years ago
sounds great.... keep working on it
786Ayesha2 years ago
Ah! an easy method.
xpat732 years ago
Thank you for posting I must try this out in summer.
portal pro2 years ago
cat vs bird hmmmm that whould be fun to watch good job on this btw
PadiDiver332 years ago
which competition is this in?
citizen science contest.
Xthinker2 years ago
We have a dog (as seen in my profile picture) and he barks a lot. We got him a birdhouse that constantly makes ultrasonic sound. We got it at pet-co for like $70 or something, it works great!
TCGames2 years ago
That's quiet helpful! Great instructable.
shizy252 years ago
so how often do you have to change the onions?
pranjal12 (author)  shizy252 years ago
Depends on the amount you take.
Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
boltoms2 years ago
i voted
csauder2 years ago
Nice instructable sounds like it should work.
flyingpuppy2 years ago
I wonder if this'll work on underground critters as well. Those are the real problem around here. Will have to try it out!
Good idea--I'll have to see how it works on squirrels! You've got my vote.
ardmatrik2 years ago
hi thanks for your vote already vote for you in this contest also
Great Idea! I love the photo of the kitten!
manishrkp2 years ago
As I do live in city and never saw any critter, I googled for images of CRITTERS and result was surprising, can you upload original critter's picture
bhvm2 years ago
very simple and effective.
bbsbb2 years ago
Interesting. How long can the onions and garlic last?
pranjal12 (author)  bbsbb2 years ago
it depends on the amount of garlic and onion you take.
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