How to derive the keyword 'ABSCISSA'

Step 1: The Extra E's in the Morse Code

They're here for a reason.

Step 2: Make It Look Nice

You'll see why we do this.

Step 3: Little Boxes

For storage.Notice the half-box next to 'POSITION'.

Step 4: Place Them in Their Boxes

Just fill up all the boxes.

Step 5: Why the Half-box

As mentioned in Step 1, you have to look carefully for anything unusual. If you look carefully at pictures of the Morse code, you'll notice that all the E's are fully formed, that is, nice and completely round. Except for this one. It is not a mistake. There is plenty of room for the full 'dot'. You can tell that the 'dot' was first drilled out and then cut through the center deliberately.

Step 6: Half-box Filled

Now we're set for the fun part.

Step 7: Word Scramble

You usually find the word scramble puzzle next to the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.

Step 8: 'Call Letters' Again

As mentioned in step 2, we'll be using this clue again.

Step 9: Finish the Word Scramble

Just about there.

Step 10: Final Phrase

So there you have it.

Step 11: Insights

So if you followed Part 1 - 3 , you now have some idea of the tricks that Sanborn uses. And it just gets trickier as we go on.