Finding a clue that will help us analyze K4.

Step 1: K1 Phrase

Kryptos fans should be familiar with this one.

Step 2: Parse Out Each Meaning

Step 3: Locate the Missing 'L' in 'IQLUSION'

Step 4: 'YAR' in K3

One of Sanborn's visual clues.

Step 5: Combine Top Lines of Panel 2 and Panel 4

Step 6: Remove Everything Between 'GRAY' and 'DARK'

Here is the 'reversed letters' technique that Sanborn also used in Part 1.

Step 7: Construct the Word 'ILLUSION' As Much As Possible With What's Left.

Step 8: The Clue for Use With K4

As mentioned in part 4, this was going to be convoluted and complex.

The result is correct as you'll see when we use it with K4.

We will see how it comes into play in Part 10, Step 4 of this series.

Step 9: Next: Finding the Doorway.

We will find the doorway in Part 6.

The rules for solving Kryptos are listed in Part 1. Have to get into Sanborn's mind to make any progress.

The 'YAR' clue for solving K3 is very clever and very simple.

Step 10:

Part 1 of the final solution can be found in Part 10 of this series.

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