In this ever changing social environment you often need to find an edge. Between social networking sites, eDating, text-sex-lines and the ever intimidating face-to-face encounter the average Joe often finds himself struggling to impress that special girl.

Good news, I'm here to help. This Instructable will provide you with a good outline to attract a sexy lady who just so happens to love her planet. (An admirable quality, and great conversation starter!)

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Step 1: STEP ONE: the Right Place. the Right Products. the Right Gal.

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I am tired of the packaged, silicon enhanced variety of "beauty" that the world has been pushing. While I can certainly acknowledge the beauty of those individuals, and I certainly do not mean offense, I am looking for a more natural look. Interestingly this metaphor applies to our food and daily products too. Sure, it may seem appealing... but often it's a bit bland, over manufactured, and in the end just plain bad for you. Perhaps you agree.

All of that aside, we're looking for an organic gal who loves organic food and cares for the environment. What better place to start than a health food store?! Scout your location, live the lifestyle! Source your food from local producers when possible and focus on the total economic impact of the food and products you're using. This will both put you in the right place to meet such a lovely lady and offer the additional benefits of health and happiness. Bonus!
And they lived happily ever after...
That's the plan. =p<br/>
Happy (belated) anniversary.
same here, happy (very belated) anniversary
i am male i want female frnd
I like you methods... I cheated... I went to a community college and scoped the Democrats club and the Outdoor club first. Then I found said girl later on at a health food store. Odd. I cant find anybody from my ConservativeCollegeStudents club at any healthfood or organics store.
The trouble with the babes who shop in the organic food stores is they like to be "natural" which translates to "no shaving"!
*laugh* That's not really the case. A diverse group of people spend their time and energy eating right and with a focus on local produce to help the environment. It's not the hippie-commune it might have once been... or misconstrued as.
Tell me more about the car! Did you actually convert it to electric? It looks great.
Yes I used a 1.5 volt solar panel to convert it to electric energy.Don't forget to vote me in the Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest it starts on may 13th
I think he meant the convertible. What did you want to know? =p<br/>
Your wife is sexy and hot
Thanks, I think so to.
I second that motion. I also have to remark that your title is kinda hilarious. Good work on everything involved.
how much austieee
What are you asking Hoomz? =p<br/>
Funny instructable, but you should remove the bikini, since it's made from synthetic fabric ;-))
Har, I suppose. Not much market in organic bathing suits though... at least not here.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1610623/going_green_with_organic_swimwear.html">http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1610623/going_green_with_organic_swimwear.html</a><br/>
Thank you for that. I'm showing her right now.
Well, it's not much fabric anyway. So the ecological impact wouldn't be that big, by removing it. Maybe the visual effect on the above mentioned 13 yo's would be bigger. But then, there are other places than instructables, 13 yo's would look for bikini(less) ladies.
I suppose. Not sure the site admins would approve... =p<br/><br/>Personally, red is my favorite color!<br/>
Do you have any idea what the 13 year old boys on this site are going to do with the pictures of your wife in a bikini that you just posted to then entire universe? I'm sure you know, as long as your cool with that....
If someone is that sad, they would have done the same no matter how she was dressed. There certainly isn't anything inappropriate about the pictures. Unless said boys are so confined as to have never been to a swimming pool... She is very comfortable with her body, and she was glad to model to both raise awareness and promote this instructable. Thanks for your concern though.
There's really nothing "sad" about that, it's simply human nature. I was just curious as to if you had thought of that, apparently you have are cool with it. On a side note, I found this instructable to be silly, but your love for the envirnment admirable.
I'm ok with it if she is. (She is.) To me this is no different than us going to the beach in the Caribbean last year. There were a million cameras, and a million people. Nothing inappropriate, just a chick in a swimming suit. I'm glad you found it to be silly, as that was somewhat the idea. General advice and awareness with a comical twist. Sometimes it takes a bit of flavor to get people to pay attention to their environment.
I'm pretty certain 13 year old boys do that with anything they can find on the Internet that even resembles a female. :P
I think this is very cute...way to go organic hottie! I hope u win!! :)
Green is good! Congrats to you both. : - ) FTG
Thanks bubb, glad you enjoyed it.
I found this Quintet Quite Quaint. And the small Quantity is Quite Quick to read, and the Quotes and Quips for our Quest to Quit the inorganic entertaining <3

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