Ever seen someone throw a card and chop right into a apple or something? Or how about haveing a card fight! Cool right? Well now you can do that too! (Right after reading this) so let's get started

Step 1: Your Deck

Now, the shape and size of you cards is important. once you get it you can throw anything from here to the moon that's shaped like a card. Well. Most cards should fit in your hand snugly unless your 6 years old. The cards can't be bent or they won't fly straight or won't fly at all so, straight cards. Fit in hand.

Step 2: Hand Positioning

Hold the card by the top with your pointer finger on the corner like in picture one practice flicking your wrist and letting the card slip out of your grasp after a few try's it should spin some and fall down if it does some weird floppy acrobatics then check if your card is straight or get another one but when you get the spinning thingy down you can move on


Ok you can spin the card and make it fly a few feet but now you need more power. To gain that you can kind of flick your whole arm put your hand up by your shoulders and bring it down and out thrust the card forward just work at it and in from 10-15 minutes you should get it good things come to those who wait when I throw my cards I like to think: DRAGON BALL ZEE!!!!!

Step 4: Aiming and Perfecting

Aim is kinda hard. When your learning it usually curves to the left or the right so try to balence that out its kinda a trial and error thing. If you just can't get it then I can tell you that 50%of people don't flick enough it's all in the wrist

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yeah, I really want to know how to make them sharp enough to pop a balloon.

Yep i know, the guy ent to mythbuster!! THE Mythbusters!

Wow! I've been doing this since long, but couldn't get rid of the aiming issue; now I know. Thanks.

Likes....Instructables shared this post on their FaceBook page.

I have done all the steps and have mastered them (mostly because I build boomerangs) accept for the aim part. any thoughts?

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Lots of flick in your wrist and practice if the card is fly too far to one side then try to flic more the opposite way when your throwing your card try to have the card launch off your hand as flat as possible too I don't really know what else to say

I've known several old coots over the years that could do that and I've tried but failed to master it. Now I'm the old coot and would like to join the ranks. Thanks for the instructable, I am definitely going to give it a try.

umm...totally off the subject of card throwing, is that stuffed tiger Hobbes? lol

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when I was 8 I met my cousins great grandfather. He owned a casino in Tampa in the old days. He took he hat and put it about 10 feet from the chair he was sitting in, and proceeded to throw all fifty two cards from the deck he was holding into the hat

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WOW that is impressive I'm glad all you guys think it's good I didn't really know if it would be good Thanks!

Nice! I'll have to give it a try. :)

Nice instrutcable. Similar to a few videos I've seen. You can buy sheets is Styrofoam to use as targets and there is a great deck cards called Banshee that are made of a thin plastic so last longer and fly better, and make a cool whistle sound.

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You can get good quality plastic card from the dollar store. There's a dollar bill printed on the back of them.

They don't even specifies they are plastic cards so it can be tricky to find them.