Turning a wine bottle in to a night light is a fun project to do.  It is easy and affordable and can be completed in a short period of time. 


Items you will need for this project:

1. Drill
2. Glass drill bit.
3. White vineager or rubbing alcohol.
4. Dust free rag.
5. Acrylic enamel paint.
6. A tool to make polka dots with.
7.  A strand of 20 lights that do not have an extension connection.
8. Lampshade.
9. Oven (optional)

Using a grommet to protect that power cord is an absolute must. It would be a real risky notion to not make certain that over time the glass edge does not cut into the cord. It might even cause a fire.
where do you find the cute lampshades?
I purchased them at Old Time Pottery....They are pretty cheap too!!<br><br>Thanks for viewing!!!<br><br>Amy

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