Step 4: Hook Her Up!

Now you should have fixed your problem, but we should make sure its fixed.
Plug the RAM chips into the slots
Plug the HDD into its plug
Hold the HDD and flip the board over so the HDD is on the ground with the board ontop of it.
Connect the power button pad to the motherboard with the zif cable.
Connect the video wire into its socket.
Connect the pad with the charger socket to the board.

Plug the charger wire into the socket and press the power button!
wait for the LED's to turn on!
wait for the compaq logo to display!
If the logo and some bios information come up then you have a fixed laptop. IF it does not appear I don't know whats wrong :/
But if it does not work don't be afraid to ask questions, myself and im sure the rest of the members are willing to help.

<p>PLEASE HELP!!! I am replacing the plastic keyboard frame only on my Compaq Presario CQ50-215NR computer. It is the plastic frame that covers the power and WIFI buttons and surrounds the keyboard. I have the replacement part but need instructions. I am not doing anything else except replacing this part. Can anyone provide me with instructions? MANY! MANY! THANKS!!!</p>
I would use something like J.B. Weld to to secure the penny to the heat exchanger so it stays in place because all you need is for that penny to come loose from the paste when you happen to move your laptop and ZAP you just fried your motherboard not criticizing just trying to help you keep your laptop for as long as possible :)
It actually did stop working after i did this, so i fixed it again but it stopped working within days. The laptop is now in pieces in the attic, maybe ill try to jb weld it sometime. good idea!<br><br>
Now that I think about it maybe the jb weld may not hold you could get a small drill bit an drill 2 holes in the coin one on each side and wire it to the heat exchanger like a bread twist tie to hold it.
very smart fix! could this fix some other laptops too?
HP/Compac had this same problem and there was even a class action lawsuit regarding this same thing there is even an instructable on here about that but it is way more complex requiring a heat gun to remelt the solder and the use of a copper shim plate to take up the gap.
i just got a dv6000 and realized thats the exact same motherboard.<br>ive read about that issue, gonna try this and see if i get it fixed
Great guide i actually got my pc working, least for a while. then it started doing it again, you think it might be something else?
old greg and bosh seris two for the win

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